Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Uplifting Turquoise

We talk a lot about favorite colors around here. The Littlest loves it and it helps him to learn colors in French and English. Plus it's just fun. We have daily conversations that go something like this, 'look at the sky! It's pwurwple,your favorite color!' That's to Ma Fille.

There's also this,'My favorite color is choc-o-lat!' He gets his favorite foods and colors confused. Which is kind of understandable since he used to love orange.

The Middlest prefers green and P-Daddy loves blue. I'm a fan of a happy combination of my two hunks' faves--fresh, clean, vibrant and warm turquoise.

{provence, larsonphoto}

{provence, larsonphoto}

It's perfect for cheering up any space and is the perfect blend of water, sun and air. Just what I need today as I type from under my bedcovers.

What's your favorite color?


  1. Definitely blue; I wear lots of blue shirts. I love the brilliant blue sky we have in Provence.

  2. I used to be an orange-green kind of girl. Orange still attracts my attention wherever I go (like that Mexican kitchen I photographed and published on the blog this week.) Still, when shopping for clothes these days, I find myself drawn to shades of light greys and purples... My 12-year old's favorite color is the same as yours, though, ever since he was a young child: turquoise ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. My favorite color is tacos. :)

  4. I love this color! So summery...

    In Switzerland, it is easy to find cottage cheese, but I don't know about France.



  5. I also love turquoise and aqua (the lamp is gorgeous!) - these kind of colours remind me of the summer and holidays. I like neutrals too cream and beige with a pop of colour like purple.

  6. I love turquoise, especially when it's found in nature. Nothing like turquoise water in the Caribbean. I have a charm on my bracelet this color to remind me of our last cruise. Beautiful. Thanks for reminding me!

  7. Turquoise is Margaret's favorite color :) My favorite color changes all the time, right now it is espresso brown. :)

  8. I do love turquoise, too, both the deep shade and the beautiful lighter shade - like the shutters on the house in the photo you have posted. Uplifting, yes, but also somehow quite calming and soothing, a happy color (and I never thought I would hear myself saying "a happy color"!). Beautiful selection of photos. I love the "girly" colors of shades of turquoise and pink - but mostly shocking pinks like magenta and fuschia.

  9. Oh such a hard question! Any colour in the right place & right time - gorgeous yellow daffodils on a blue & checked tablecloth for a springtime breakfast but would hate to see it first thing in the morning in a bathroom! Red in winter but not in summer. Mint green & white in July but not in January.............but I couldn't live without white.


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