Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Cold in the South of France

Apparently it's been on the news. Maybe not as much as the new American in Paris parenting book, but hey.

You've heard it's cold over here in Europe haven't you? You've heard about the snow in London and Paris and the Siberian winds blowing all the way down to the Mediterranean coast of France, right?
If not, let me tell you. It's been cold. Cold like temperatures of -9 degrees C in the mornings with highs of 2.

Cold like my Texas girl bones have never felt.
And there's a reason for that. It sucks.

To battle this I've learned how to build a fantastic fire. Bought one thousand euros worth of fuel for the heating system (ouch!) and started wearing my purple Land's End fleece pyjamas all the time. Stylish.

As I looked out the window at my deserted terrace and tiny pool all covered up and sad, I thought, 'how could it look and feel so incredibly different from season to season?'

Again, we're from Texas where seasons last a few days--unless you're talking about hot ones.
And so I decided to warm things up by sharing some summertime photographs.

Isn't it just like having a nice, crackling fire.
I feel almost happy.


  1. I'll see your -9 and raise you -17!
    Although you definitely have me beat on the €1000!! That sucks big ones.
    I'm ready to hit the beach again... even though I hate the sand I'd rather have it gritty all over me than be dealing with this nonsense (and you know how long it takes me to make my peace with the sand so that's saying a lot)

  2. I am not sure if you warm-sunny-pool pics make me feel better or you have snow down there or just freezing temps? I posted pics of our snow here on my blog on Sunday when I was all blissed out about only 3 days later and having not left the house since--it's starting to wear on me!

    It is sooooo cold today! I am baking whatever I can think of just to run the oven all day to keep warm, letting the kids stay warm infront of the large screen TV and using the clothes dryer in the laundry room to keep the pets from freezing...oh, and our fuel tank costs 1200 Euro to fill!!!

    But your pictures helped.....sorta.


  3. I am so glad I am not the only one hating the cold! When you say stuff like that in the Pacific Northwest, everyone looks at you like you are crazy. It takes a village people, some of us are not that fond of grey skies, rain and cold weather! Hang in there lady. I loved these cute shots of your happy little fish-people. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. I was soooo happy to see your warmy pictures! I had to post some of those too since this weekend really sucked at our house without any heat! I do love the snow and the cold, but being cooped up is not fun. I'm not quite ready for summer, but spring will do nicely :)

  5. It is so fricken cold!! And now everything has melted a teeny bit and refrozen so it is slippery. Deadly slippery. I am over it. Bring back the 14 degree days. And yes, I am loving the fireplace too - the only conciliation in this cold snap! Waiting for spring...

  6. You're killing me with these photos.

  7. The Canadian told me about the snow (SO MUCH SNOW) in London. I'll be honest, I'm not sad about being in Texas right now. Not sad at all (supposed to be 75F on Thursday...)

  8. I'm just back in Normandy after a week at our house in the Languedoc. It was miserable! In 9 years I've never experienced cold in the south of France like that.
    Your photos are a wonderful reminder of what's to come!


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