Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Somebody's Sarkozy Is Cozy

I don't know about you but I can't think 'Sarkozy' and not think 'cozy'. So much so that's it's kind of a joke in our  house....'let's get all Sarkozy on the sofa.'

Last week I spent the day with the Middlest's class and I heard one child say to another, 'Tu as un petit Sarkozy dans ton slip!'. I wondered. Did I hear that correctly? Did he just say what I thought he said?

And then I had to admit that yes. He in fact did say, 'You have a little Sarkozy in your underwear!'. Now. Sarkozy is small. Petit. And apparently not very popular in this rather linguistically gifted child's family.
Getting 'Sarkozy' has a whole new meaning.


  1. That is too funny because you know how I always tell Fifty to put his 'little Sarkozy' away when his doggy boy parts pop out! I had no idea that French kids said that too... I'm way hipper than I thought ;-) x

  2. Classic. Tee hee, poor little Sarko.

  3. Too funny...we do not really like Sarko in this country, maybe thanks also to his ex-Italian (so she says) wife .

  4. Too funny! That's one of the nicer things I have heard said about the dear man. My cousins who live just to the north of Montpellier in Clapiers are all Socialists and as you can imagine they have nothing flattering to say about the French President.

  5. My husband is appalled that Sarkozy made it as president. He is sure France will never be the same and is hoping he doesn't get reelected.

  6. Oh that's so funny, Aidan. I will have to use that line now! In our house we just call him Sarko, but thanks to you his name now has a whole knew meaning :)
    Ashley (backyardprovence)


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