Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

Ma Fille is 10 years old. Double digits.

Thanks to her I've been a mother for ten years and have learned and loved more than I ever thought possible a decade ago.

In my usual way of honoring the kids' birthdays, here are ten things I love about Ma Fille.

1) In almost every single photo of her from birth to now, she is smiling. I love her smile.

2) She is a Daddy's girl.

3) This year has seen her really come out of her shell at school; speaking up in class, being 'scribe' and writing on the board, making strong friendships and navigating girldom.

4) She loves baking and does so regularly on her own even baking the oatmeal raisin cookies and coconut macaroons she took to school to share.

5) She's on the final Harry Potter book.

6) She fell off a horse and was terrified but got back on the same day anyway. Then she rode the same horse again with confidence and elegance even though she was scared. And now she carries herself perfectly; knowing her strength and respecting that of the animal.

7) Her French is beautiful, fluent and nuanced.

8) She wakes up early just to read. I often find her engrossed in a book before school and Saturday cartoons.

9) She's only just started to think that all boys, and by this I mean only one boy and only because she thinks he's smart, aren't gross and stinky. Benefits of younger brothers.

10) She is lovely and confident and witty; a breath of fresh, giggly air in the life of our family.


  1. I've said it once and I'll say it again, she's my homegirl and I adore her.
    Happy birthday darling girl! BISOUS!

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  3. What a lovely tribute to a lovely daughter. Happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks SL, she'll be thrilled when I show her your comment.

    I'll send your wishes along.

    We're having a party tonight so wish me bon courage!

  5. Wish her a very Happy Birthday from Sarina & Shreya! and parents (you kindly invited us over in the summer when we were on holiday from the UK one morning for a chat). Your children were all so lovely and hospitable and entertaining. Hope you have a lovely day x

  6. And she bakes a mean cheesecake too!
    Happy, happy birthday lovely fille! x x x

  7. She will grow into a beautiful woman (in- and out-side). Bon anniversaire!

  8. What a lovely tribute! I read here often but have never commented before. Had to send my birthday wishes though from my eleven year old daughter and me. We all share the same birthday!

  9. I love that last pic of her! What a gorgeous photo of her looking so chic and tres francaise. Beautiful. So glad she's in your life -- and she's so fortunate to have such an amazing mom!

  10. I love my children's birthdays more than my own. And that's saying something. They're unique qualities and "specialness" are so amazing to watch, year by year. Joyeux Anniversaire à ta fille. Number 11 on the list is that she's got a rockin' mama! Gros Bisous and see you soon.

  11. Thank you all so much for the warm birthday wishes. Ma Fille has read them all and is completely chuffed that she's so popular.
    All the best for your birthdays.


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