Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Sara Louise

If I were to make a friend from scratch she'd have to be funny, smart, love France, Ireland and Texas as much as me, enjoy boxed wine, make me think about things differently and stay up late to talk about the real stuff after every one else has gone to bed.

Happy Birthday Sara! You are all of these things and more. 
Je t'adore.

I hope you like these virtual birthday presents.
I picked them especially for you.

Your first present. A beautiful pair of Louboutins. Peep-toe and sky high in glitter, naturally.
Present number two, while we're deep into fantasy birthday land is:

why not, right?

And finally, a little bit of this...a lovely villa on the French Riviera.


  1. Hope it was a great one, Sara, in spite of frozen pipes. Enjoy Aidan's well-thought-out present's :-)

  2. Hey Girl, I've finished cleaning the pool, take off those Louboutins and let me rub your feet for you.
    Happy Birthday SL!

  3. What a sweet tribute from one sweet and lovely gal to another.

    PS-Aidan--I would like for you to pick out my birthday presents's in October; size 8.5 or 39 and I am hoping Robert Downey Jr. is available.... Oh--South of France would be fine.


  4. Aidan, what a good friend you are, and what a lucky girl Sara Louise is. I am glad you have found each other in my homeland... and enjoy all that boxed wine together on occasion ;-0) Bon anniversaire, Sara Louise. Bonne semaine, Aidan. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. This is the best birthday present ever even if the Louboutins and Ryan are only virtual. A thousand thank yous to you! Thanks for this, thanks for making me smile, thanks for being my friend, thanks for you. MUAH! X


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