Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Weather, Pirate Swashbuckling & Hemingway

I've been kind of quiet this week and I thought I should tell you why. A confession and excuse making session in case you've wondered what is keeping me from writing for you.

{sunshine nest}
First of all, it's the weather. It is beyond gorgeous for the first sustained period of time this year. And if you know me at all you know I'm a sucker for the sunshine and fresh air. The swimsuit has made its appearance, I've gladly packed away the winter sweaters and boots and am back in my favorite skirts and sandals, pink wine has been served on the terrace and I must confess I've hung out the laundry in my knickers. It's been so very nice and I've been like a happy bird flitting around and singing a spring song.

Big news:
This weekend marks the Middlest's birthday, my April ray of sunshine is turning seven, and I've been busy planning a pirate themed backyard extravaganza. Would you think it impossible to find red and blue bandanas for making swarthy pirate hats?  I can tell you it is.
We've made cannonballs out of balled up newspaper covered in black electric tape, a plank to walk across while carrying said cannonball in a shovel, a blue tablecloth ocean covered in islands for a pirate version of musical chairs and a treasure chest pinata full of confetti and plenty of Haribo sweeties.
Wish me luck. And watch for his special birthday post on Sunday.

Finally, while not party planning and scaring my French neighbors with scantily clad laundry hanging I have been preoccupied with a new book. It's the fictionalized story of Hemingway in 20s Paris told through his first wife. There's a lot of happiness turned melancholy, booze-filled afternoons, days spent plucking away on a typewriter and pages cut lean by Gertrude Stein's editing. Oh, and impromptu living room boxing matches.

And so there they are; my excuses laid bare. I hope you'll understand.
Until Sunday, bon weekend everyone.


  1. Sounds like heaven, Aidan. Can't wait for the birthday pictures. I can't believe he is already 7. :) xxoo

  2. I love theme parties! I have a red bandana. Can I come? And what is the name of the book? Don't tease us.

  3. Delana, come on over your more than welcome and we are having a grown up party after. I'm not kidding!!

    Susan, can you believe it?! we can't. He is a gorgeous smart guy who can seriously cut a rug. Must have some Daniels I'm him!

    Xo aidan

  4. Oh, the book is Paris Wife. Sorry!

  5. Good luck, I know how much work is involved in a children's party. I hope that this birthday will be a sweet memory for your pirate son one day.

  6. Hasn't it been gorgeous! Finally our cherry tree has blossomed and it feels like winter is over at last. Have a wonderful b'day party landlubbers, look forward to hearing all about it!

  7. Blandina, thanks for the good luck wishes. It was a great party and my guy is happy. All exhAusted but good

    Kirsty, landlubbers makes me laugh. I hope your mister did well today. Or is it tomorrow? Thinking of him.

    A x

  8. The sunshine is the perfect reason to stay away from the computer. I've found myself slowing down the blogging just to spend more time outdoors soaking in vitamin D. You gotta live up the good weather while you can!

    I can't wait to read the Paris Wife. I read a review of it yesterday and think I'm going to download it today. Glad to hear it's a page turner!

    Hope the party went well! Arrr!


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