Wednesday, April 6, 2011

French Fashion for Men

Leclerc Mode Homme 
Hey handsome.
This is from a flyer for a major grocery store chain here in France. I couldn't resist sharing it with you.
Bon mercredi!


  1. Nice, but I can't see either of our husbands dressing like this!

  2. Just the tenue for playing pétanque.

  3. Love this look but it looks like only a French man could get away with it! :)

  4. Okay, the scarf I can handle. I'm still a sucker for a man in a scarf. But, I will never get used to those pants. If a drop dead gorgeous man walked up to me in those pants, told me I was his dream and asked me to spend a weekend on his yacht in Cannes, I would tell him to change his pants. End of story.

  5. I was recently watching a British comedy wherein a guy was wearing pants like that. I thought perhaps it was a rare event (hoped so, anyway) but I guess not. Love the scarf, though.

  6. Methinks perhaps only a Frenchman can pull off those pants--and they do it and they do it well. Yes, I too am a sucker for a man in a scarf! Great post!!


  7. Charley: When and where will a Frenchman pull off these pants ?
    I must admit that I took a second glance at the LeClerc promo thing on that page, my other half of 34 yrs will not be getting that look, I have yet to get him not to wear socks on the few times he can be pursuaded to wear shorts. You know what we English are like!!

  8. I have to say that I could get over the pants before the scarf. I don't know why. But really all of it is a deal killer for me.
    Please no socks with sandals! I know your feet get cold in Blighty but let them breathe.
    Thanks for reading and commenting. It makes my day.
    Aidan xo

  9. so funny - i was going to say the same thing, Aidan...the scarf bothers me much more than the pants! :-p

  10. I have to say I rather like the scarf! They're the in-thing at the mo. Both my teens have them, and all the other kids at lycee are muffled up too! Anyway, your photo of this handsome dude cheered up my evening!


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