Monday, April 11, 2011


When we looked at this house last spring the lilac tree was in bloom.

I've waited expectantly all year for it to bloom again so I could cut some of the fragrant, delicate flowers and fill the house with them.

I imagined myself walking up the back stairs with an armful of pale purple flowers bouncing and bobbing, scattering their delicious scent as the bees trailed behind.

Today I did just that. And so did the bees.

I wish you could smell them.

 Enjoy! Have a happy Monday.


  1. Our lilacs are just coming out now. You're a bit ahead of us.
    They are gorgeous and so delicious in the house. I think I'll go out right now and cut myself a bunch.

  2. I bet they smell delicious. I'm just happy that our cherry has finally blossomed. Enjoy!

  3. Oooh, I'm so jealous. We passed a building this afternoon and they had two lilac trees in the garden. It smelled glorious.

  4. Lilac is one of my favourite flowers, I love your shots and the picture of yourself bouncing like the heroine of a movie.

  5. I've never had a lilac tree before so am over the moon. They do smell amazing.
    And Blandina, as far as the heroine of a movie, that's so funny because people always tease me that I've got a movie playing inside my head all the time. guess there are worse things!

    bisous to all,

  6. Lilacs are so beautiful! Spring is late here in central France. You're well ahead of us. There won't be lilacs blooming for another week or so. I have a tiny one in the garden. It was just starting to get somewhere but then the goat ate most of it. so I'm not sure if I'll get any flowers on it this year!

  7. I have a bunch on my mother-in-law says the trick to keeping them a long time is not to change the water....hmmm, I think I will try it! We don't have a bush but I am scoping out the neighbors gardens and bushes close enough to the road to make a midnight lilac-napping venture!


  8. Wouldn't it be great if your blog was scratch-n-sniff? Your blog only though. Nobody needs to smell Fifty through my blog.
    Looking forward to seeing the lilacs x

  9. Next door the wisteria is out - long bunches of pale pink delicate little flowers that smell heavenly. And being next door, they get to clear up all the mess as it drops... :)

  10. I can smell them, Aidan. I can! I can! I was actually picturing you walking with your bunch of lilacs in your arms, waving to your adoring fans and stopping for occasionally for snaphots from the paparazzi. But maybe I got that wrong.

  11. Oh, jealousy! I can't figure out why, but our are not blooming this year. Quel desastre! Luckily the wisteria make up for it...


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