Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Middlest is Seven

My Middlest is seven. How did it happen? He's lost two teeth.Teeth that it took him nearly a year to grow in. He reads French and English, writes in impeccable French script and knows that flattery will get you everywhere. He's my love. And if that isn't enough, here's my list of seven things about the Middlest:

1} He has a raspy voice. Always has. And when he's hoarse he says his voice is 'crunchy'.
2} He has rhythm and can find the beat in any song. A seriously talented dancer.

3} He says I'm his 'one true love' and that Mon Mari is his 'best friend'.
4} He's eaten three BIG pieces of homemade chocolate cake in the past two days.
5} When he's hot he likes to tell us all how sweaty his armpits are.
6} There's not a day that goes by he doesn't make someone laugh.

7} Today when he opened a birthday gift and it was a new Star Wars game for DS he said, 'BOOM!' accompanied with a boyish arm gesture.

Happy Birthday Middlest!


  1. Love you Big Guy! Happy Birthday!

  2. How handsome and charming is this little man! This pictures filled me with tenderness for this young life. Happy birthday Monsieur!

  3. I'm with Blandina. What a beautiful little boy. Happy Birthday, middlest! BTW, my son used to say, when his hands were dry, that they were rusty.

  4. Number 3 actually made me melt (and my womb jump a little bit). And I love that his voice gets 'crunchy' x

  5. Heavenly baby picture, Middlest! Happy birthday to you--and may you have LOTS more chocolate cake!


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