Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, Boy! He Can Sing

I've always liked boys.
I think they're cute.
I especially love it when they sing.

Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge and then live in Guys and Dolls; swoon.
Nicolas Cage's Elvis moment in Wild at Heart.
And come on....John Travolta was my first crush of all time, flames fanned by  the sad face he made when he sang Sandy.
Imagine if Brad Pitt had done some singing during my first pregnancy and subsequent height of my crush on him. Ooo, la la.  Some of you may remember my tale of shedding a tear in the grocery aisle as I looked at a People photo of Brad in those days. Thank goodness he only bared his abs and saved me a lot of heartache. And Mon Mari a huge amount of eye rolling.

When I watched Country Strong the other night I fell a little bit in love with Garrett Hedlund. I had a look to see who this cute guy with the low, low rocking cradle of a singing voice was and realized that I am getting older. I really despise it when I think someone is cute and then find out he was born while I was in high school. It's like when I saw an interview with Zac Efron and he said something like, 'even the older ladies who are like 30 scream'. Ugh, like 30? I never had a crush on him anyway. He's too pretty.
Like Wooderson said in Dazed and Confused, 'I keep getting older and they stay the saaaammmmme age.' I think that's how I feel.
mr east texas himself

Back to Garrett. have a listen and see if you don't feel a little weak in the knees.


  1. That was beautiful. There is something about a man and his guitar. mmm. And I love the Mr. East Texas Himself Pic :)

  2. My dear Aidan, brace yourself because as the years go by there will be more and more cute guys born when you were graduating, then at college, then during first pregnancy....I look and sigh!

  3. Blandina,
    But it's so hard because we feel just the same, don't we?
    Nice voice huh?

    a x

  4. I'm an old married lady of 46 and still get those crushes. I agree about Zac, too--too pretty by far!

  5. Well alright, alright, alright!!!!
    You my lady, have seriously stolen my heart with that Wooderson pic and quote. And now I can't wait to tell you all about my boyfriend from the movie! (I don't know how one night is going to cover all the stuff that we need to dish about).
    I haven't seen Country Song yet, but I'm putting it on the list. Loved Garret in Friday Night Lights so I'm sure I'll love him in this x

  6. And his voice is pretty dreamy in that song

  7. I'm a puddle of lustful goo.

    That. Boy. Is. Fiiiiine.

    Country Strong is on the "To Watch" list when I get back from holidays. He'll need to be good to balance out the Gwyneth though.



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