Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seasonal Sunday--Chestnut Brioche Bread Pudding

I keep a list of things I'd like to try making tucked away in a notebook and from the first time I learned of the French chestnut spread or creme de marrons this idea was on that list. I make a french toast brioche every year for Christmas morning that I adapted from Ina Garten and Nigella does a bread and ginger jam pudding so this is a mix of the two. It is super easy, quick and versatile--just what you want for a Sunday morning. And you can even put it all together Saturday night or as with the french toast brioche, Christmas Eve.

If you aren't in France and can't find the creme de marrons you could always use your favorite jam or marmalade. Hmmm, chunky cut orange marmalade. Delicious. See, the possibilities are endless--not your same old bread and butter pudding.

{creme de marrons}

Chestnut Brioche Bread Pudding

8 slices brioche (it has to be brioche or it won't be as good, make your own or buy it in the bakery section)
chestnut spread
4 egg yolks
150ml  or 1/2c milk
150ml or 1/2c full fat cream
1/4c sugar
dots of butter for the pan

Preheat oven to 325F/180C

I use a round cake pan for this amount but you could use a square one if you prefer. You could also double the recipe and make it in a rectangular 9x13 if you are having friends over for brunch.

{chestnut spread brioche sandwiches}
Cut your brioche into thick slices. Simply make four sandwiches with the brioche and chestnut spread, spreading all the way to the outer corners of the bread, layering it on like you would a jelly sandwich. Cut each sandwich into four triangles.
Butter the bottom of your pan, what I do is just dot a few smidges of butter along the bottom so it soaks into the bread.
Put your triangles into the pan, smushing them all together into a little puzzle.
{brioche puzzle}

Now, separate your eggs saving the whites for a delicious meringue or coconut cake.

Into the egg yolks add the cream, milk and sugar. Whisk together well.
Pour this over your triangles making sure to get all the edges in the custard mixture. If you don't the edges will be crispy and not really in a good way.

Put it in your preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. Serve warm with powdered sugar or syrup if you like. A bit of bacon on the side would be perfect too.

I promise you that if you make this for brunch everyone will go bonkers for it. And it's perfectly easy because you can prepare it ahead of time and then pop it in the oven and your house will smell all warm and cozy.


  1. I think you are intent on turning me into the fattest woman in France. This looks awesome...bread n butter pud on steroids!

  2. Kirsty,
    Will I make it for you?
    When there's a bun in the oven you need a yummy pud!
    a xo

  3. Now that I have an oven I can finally make all of the delicious recipes you post! This bread pudding looks super yummy! How is the full fat cream labeled in the store? What brand do you buy? I'm getting all of my french cremes and yogurts jumbled up these days!

  4. I do love Crème de Marrons and I am sure that this is a delightful cake!

  5. Blandina,
    You'd love this would be great with nutella too I'll bet.

    I buy the unrefrigerated uht cream. you will find it by the uht milk. For full fat it's 'creme entier'. I buy the leclerc brand Delisse but there are several different ones. Does this help?

    bon dimanche,
    a xo

  6. You had me at bread pudding...and then you said brioche and I fell a little more and then you mentioned chestnut spread, and now...we are in a relationship. OMG! YUM!

  7. Thanks Aidan! I bought my brioche and chestnut spread today :)

  8. Sarah, I'm glad to have arranged the meeting. I wish you everlasting love.

    Linds, Let me know how it turns out. Did you find the cream?

    aidan x


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