Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creme de Marrons, PB Frenchie Style

squeezy tube mangled by the Baby
You know about Nutella and how much the Europeans love to slather it on bread, crepes and cakes. It's like peanut butter and marmite, ubiquitous in childrens' snacks and at breakfast. But did you know there's another tasty spread that the French like to nibble? It's sweetened chestnut spread or creme de marrons and it is delicious. At least the Baby thinks it is. I have found him standing at the fridge, door open and spoon in hand, shoveling in big globs of it.
I'm sure you can find it at one of the fancy grocery or specialty stores in the US. It comes in a pretty can in different sizes, one jumbo by European standards, and in a squeezy tube like toothpaste with prettiest print on it, tres French. You use it in all the same ways you'd use the other tasty spreaders and I've also just learned of a recipe where it's mixed with creme fraiche and spread between layers of puff pastry. I think the kids would go crazy for that.

Have a look and give it a try. It's not 'smoke in a pancake' (Kirsty) but it's still good.


  1. You know? My French husband has never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Weird, yes?

  2. Ha ha! I've been wondering what that tasted like - I will have to buy a tube now. My daughter is nuts about Nutella, will have to wean her off the stuff before we go home and get her back on the Vegemite or her friends will beat her up in the playground.
    And the creme fraiche and puff pastry sounds divine. Perhaps a dessert for after the smoke in a pancake!

  3. Samantha,
    That's just as bad as sara's husband not knowing who oprah is! But more understandable since most people think outside the 50 think pb is vile. I know my irish friends do.

    you and the vegemite! never tasted it myself so i shouldn't talk. i just have to think it's gross cause i'm a peanut butter girl. i think it's required. try the chestnuts and she'll be sneaking the tube like the baby!

    aidan x

  4. YUM! We have creme de marron in jam jars, I've never seen it in paste form! Good idea for traveling home though! (not as good as PB!)

  5. My husband has never had a PB&J either, or seen a single Star Wars movie! Now that's weird! (had to throw that last tidbit in there as testament of his weirdness)
    I don't like marrons. People keep trying to make me eat them, and I'm like, YUCK!

  6. Double yum! I've never seen it in paste form either...& I think I could really do, well quite a lot of terrible things..for a PB&J sandwich right about now :) Thanks for giving us a great idea for a substitute!

  7. Great, now I'm going to have to find some.

  8. the baby squeezes the tube so hard that it cracks and chestnut spread squirts out the sides like little noodles. then he licks it off.

    pepe, good luck finding it. i would say i'd send you some but i saw on your blog where you made fun of texans so......hmmmm.

    have a nice weekend all,
    a x

  9. Not all of Europe is in to Nutella...


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