Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guest Post 100 Word Sentence

My funny, talented and wordsmithy Mother reads my blogs. Well, she ought to, right? When she read the 100 word sentence she said she just couldn't stop thinking about it and wondering what she'd write if she wrote one too. I got this in my inbox this morning and thought you'd like to see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I'll call it, The Waiting Room in 100 Words

I don't think a hundred word sentence can be that difficult to write because any of the wind-bag political newscasters could do it in a heartbeat by simply writing down their worthless, mindless, endless commentary, which is of little interest to anyone other than like-minded thinkers who have no need to be swayed in their political leanings whatsoever, leaving us to deduce that the gaseous rhetoric being expounded by these individuals can truly be of interest to no one but themselves and nothing more than a cacophony of clanging cymbals to the rest of humanity who may have the misfortune to be sitting in a doctor's waiting room having to endure this verbal garbage polluting our already jangling air waves, and I firmly believe most people would agree that taking pen in hand, rather than mouth to microphone, would be a real treat for already abused ears.

here she is in Arles with ma fille


  1. 100 word sentences are so French! Ugh, I am learning to rather despise the endless run on sentences that accost me daily as I translate this 300 page French manuscript ....

    Your mom is so cute, she looks so young! Chapeau (hats off) to her for her delightful Waiting Room rendition.

    xo Charley

  2. Wow, that is impressive Aidan! I think I'd much rather listen to your mom than any political newscaster...really any day :) pretty amazing gift for words there!! thanks for sharing :)

  3. Kudos, Mom! Made me smile--and I happen to think she's pretty on target.

  4. I've relayed all your lovely messages on to Her Majesty...and she's very appreciative.
    I can't wait for her to come back this spring for another visit!
    aidan x


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