Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mardi Things

You know that feature in people magazine called, I Really Love My.....?
summer skirt with a very young fille
Where they show a celebrity wearing one article of clothing or carrying the same purse more than one time. To celebrities I suppose if you wear something more than once you must really LurVe it. Being a regular human I carry the same bag every day for ages and still have a skirt I bought 8+ years ago at TJ Maxx that I'm wearing right now. It's my summer skirt and if you know me you can probably picture it. And if you don't it's up there.
h&m product detail h&m.com
One of my new purchases and wear-at-least-once-a-week-favorites is my blue and white striped long sleeved t-shirt from H&M. I realized I'm wearing it a lot because in the past month I've been caught with it on in almost every photo. I'm wearing it in one of Kirsty's photos, for example.
I guess you could say 'I Really Love My...blue and white striped tee.' I think I should go back and buy one more just so I don't wear it out. C'est très Frenchie, non?

What have you been caught living in?

The weather is so nice and it makes me so very joyful that I have coined myself, Summer Girl. Please refer to me as this for the next few months. Or if you prefer, Mademoiselle d'été.
Bon mardi,
mademoiselle d'été


  1. Hello Summer Girl,
    I spent the winter in my furry brown Columbia "polaire". My husband got sick of seeing me in it. Now that the sun seems to be back for good, I'll have to trade it in for lighter.

  2. Love the Frenchie shirt! Glad you're enjoying the weather :)

  3. After finally being free of the maternity-wardrobe--I feel like I get to go 'shopping' in bins of pre-preggie clothes packed up before we moved! Also living in a new place gives you the chance to re-define your style and no-one will know...but sometimes I wonder how American I look vs. looking like one of the locals! Our entire family has the classic Frenchie striped shirts and I have made a point that we never where them at the same time for fear of being pegged as tourists! Love the shirt though!

    xx Madame Soleil!

  4. I have a biege cotton skirt and a navy semi-stretchy blouse (both H&M) that I wear all summer. I didn't realize this either until I was looking for pictures for a blog...and I have this on in every single photo. I just pulled them out for the spring. And I'm still so happy to see them. I am digging your frenchie shirt...but I don't have enough guts to wear horizontal stripes!

  5. Mademoiselle eh? I can't wait to see the shirt tonight.

  6. I like your sentence "Being a regular human..." Ha.

    I live in white pants the second it's acceptable here in Michigan. It's always a thrill to get them out and a bit sad to put them away.

  7. Your new H&M striped shirt is "très Coco Chanel", you know ;-) I will start wearing mine as soon as the weather finally warms up in Seattle (and this could be anytime between now and July 15!). The item I have been seen with the most since Christmas is my beautiful Lancel Premier Flirt handbag. I never leave the house without it, whether I am just driving to school, teaching, or grocery shopping. I admit it: that bag is my weakness! ;-)

  8. French Girl,
    I'm off to check out the Lancel handbag...you're so right. I hope it warms up soon. It's like Ireland though isn't it so there are no guarantees.

    I love white jeans. They look so fresh and clean.

    This shirt has some stretch in it too and it's super soft. They have the reverse color too. And also red, but I 'm not a fan of red.

    Madame Soleil,
    Why not Mlle? Come on....
    I think we must look exactly the same in our jogging clothes and in our regular things....you can't get rid of the American. Once a man in England told me he can always tell Americans because of the way we walk. I don't know if that's good or bad.

    When are you back from Africa? I'm loving your posts.

    Merci for following the rules. I think I'm going to find a way to move to the Southern hemisphere for the winter. I love fleece in the winter though. Ireland days taught me well. You need to go get yourself a long sleeved tee for the spring sunshine though.

    Bisous a tous,

  9. My go-to shirts are all away, I'm too fat for them now :( I have two favourite maternity tops that you have already seen! And I dare say will see more of as I will be living in them this summer.

    I love the stripes too, so very chic and French, and they go with just about any bottom (pants, skirts etc).

  10. Love the striped top. I seem to have worn the same long sleeved V neck faux wrap T-shirt for the entire winter. And will probably keep wearing it for a while. Spring doesn't seem to be in any hurry to come to Toronto.


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