Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finger on the French Pulse

Last night after Tex-Mex with Les Canadiennes, more on that tomorrow, Mon Mari turned on the France v Croatia football match. And lo and behold, their new away 'kit' (meaning their outfit) is remarkably similar to my favorite striped tee.
I ask you, do I have my finger squarely on the pulse of French culture?

Designed by Karl Lagerfield this new stripy jersey is totally wearable, chic, fresh and springy. Maybe not how the French team would like to be described but true nonetheless. It seems that it's receiving a lot of criticism but I can't imagine why. I think it's great. Maybe that explains it.

France fancy away 'outfit'


  1. I love these new jerseys. They 're so JP-Gauthier-ish. And Karl is such a queen. I bet he gets his jollys watching those hunks in his t-shirt.

  2. I love the new jerseys, all of them. I bought a little kit for my niece. She looks so cute in her tricolor outfit. I may have to get the striped jersey for myself.

  3. I love them too. Obviously, right?

    I had to add this update....yesterday Mme Bonne Amie was wearing a stripy tee, I wore my stripy tee, Ma Fille wore her stripy tee. And about every other person I saw was wearing a stripy tee! Msr Avion joked that we were all supporting the French team.



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