Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Magic Tree & the Giraffe--Guest Post

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Does the title intrigue you?
Ma fille is today's guest blogger.
Last week's school assignment was to write a story casting yourself as an African animal who meets a magic tree. This tree is supposed to give the animal a gift.There were other stories of trees who gave amazing sporting ability, jewels and mathematical genius. In this case, the tree gave the gift of French. 
This is ma fille's story:*
photo courtesy: www.beenthereyet.com
 L'Arbre et la Girafe

Avant j’étais très timide et je ne savais pas trop parler français. Je suis une girafe et comme j’ai dit j’étais TRÈS timide.
Mais un jour, j’ai vu un arbre. L’arbre était différent des autres de la fôret.
Voilà pourquoi je suis allée le regarder. Quand je l’ai touché,  il a PARLÉ !!!
Il a dit : pourquoi tu m’as  touché ?!?
J’ai sursauté un peu parce que j’étais apeurée. Je n’avais jamais vu un arbre qui parle.
‘Pardon arbre’,  j’ai dit très vite.
Oh pardon si je vous ai fait peur.  Je suis ici pour vous aider avec votre problème. ‘
Q-quel problème?’, j’ai demandé.  
Et là je savais comment  parler français.

*English version, as translated by my daughter:

The Tree and the Giraffe

Before I was very shy and I didn't know very much French. I am a giraffe and like I said, I was VERY shy.
But one day, I saw a tree. The tree was different than all the other trees in the forest.
And that's why I went to look at it. When I touched it, it SPOKE!!!
It said, 'Why did you touch me?'
I jumped a bit because I was frightened. I had never seen a tree that talked.
'Excuse me tree.', I said quickly.
'Oh, sorry if I frightened you. I am  here to help you with your problem.'
'Wh-what problem?', I asked.
And then I knew how to speak French.

She said the teacher read the stories aloud and everyone had to guess whose was whose. They all clapped and called out her  name when her teacher read the 'not knowing how to speak French' part. So sweet. 

Merci ma belle fille de la belle histoire!
Thank you my beautiful daughter for the lovely story!


  1. That's a very good, sweet story. Bravo to your "giraffe" :)

  2. So cute. What a clever giraffe you have there!

  3. Oh my goodness. She is the sweetest thing ever!

  4. So neat. Did she write the French, too? Wow.

  5. Lovely story and great French. Children are so amazing, their ability to learn another language is stunning.

  6. It brought tears to my eyes when she read it to me. I was so worried about them learning French...and now I'm the one who struggles!
    Yes, she wrote it all in French at school and then translated it at home.
    I'm glad you all liked it as much as me.
    aidan x

  7. I LOVE it! Looks like there's another writer in the family...How priceless that she chose French to be her received gift.

  8. I might want to use it some day with my French students if that would be okay with your daughter.

  9. thank you so much for writing such nice comments

    francophilehic,of course you can show it to your


    the giraffe!!

  10. So cute, and thank you for the translation since I didn't remember "sursaute." You know, I was once dubbed "The Giraffe" because of my long neck - it's a compliment, the way I see it. Well done, fellow Giraffe!

  11. Tres bien! Elle est tres intelligente.

    Your daughter is so smart! I wish I could remember all the years and years of French I took. Even after all those years, I could never write or speak that well! :)

  12. What a wonderful magical moment and story. How touching, poignant. Good job!!


  13. merci! I think I already know how I will use the poem with my students =)


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