Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger, Me? Sure, Why Not...

Thanks to Linds over at American Girls Are for the Stylish Blogger mention. I can understand her being awarded for style and so will you when you see her beautiful wedding gown and her tres Frenchie bob/cute hat combo. That's styish.

Let's begin shall we:

1} I recently read an article in Red magazine about finding your style. For some of us it isn't that easy to nail down. I'd say I am a lazy stylist. I'm not one to stand out or make a fuss. Not much makeup, not much hairstyling, and to the disappointment of Ma Fille, mostly flats. She dreams of high-heels and ooohs and aaaahs on the rare occasion that I do wear them. The article suggested coming up with three words to describe your style and stick to them, consider them when shopping and don't buy anything that doesn't fall under their umbrella. My three words are: casual, classic, pretty.
Can you think of yours?

2}In Feng Shui my element is wood. This means that I like vertical lines like trees reaching up and away, earth tones with hints of green and blue, wooden and rugged textures, sun to make me feel alive and water to soothe me...or something like that. Have a look at my dining room and you'll see what I mean.

3} I really super rockn'roll can't stand the color red. There's a newsreader on France 24 who wears red, bright red, wake-up red, every morning with the reddest lipstick ever. And it hurts my eyes.

4} Peonies are my favorite flower.
image from fiance2wife.com

5} I've started wearing perfume every day since living in France. Et, oui, bein sur, c'est normal, non? I've always loved Y by Yves Saint Laurent because my super stylish Aunt wore it and it reminds me of her but now I've found my own signature scent. It's Balenciaga Paris and I lurve it. I've even learned the secret scarf spray that makes me tres Frenchie.

6} As Meg Ryan said, "I'm going to be 40!, sob"...."Someday!", more sobs. And now, for me, someday is but a whisper away.

And, enfin:

7} When I watch American tv I think everyone looks weird and puffy, waxy and too skinny. It is the only way I wake myself from injection daydreams. See #6.

Time to share the stylish love:

1} AmericaineFrenchie is engaged to be married and wedding plans are in full swing....can't wait to see how she stylishly celebrates her big day.
2} Blandina at lagriccia is the epitome of style; Italian, intellectual, creative and gorgeous. Just look at that photograph on her header.
3} Heidi at Dunhaven Place has impressed me with her stylish blog, romantic writing and beautiful photos of her home for ages now. Buy her book!
4} A fellow American with her own three beauties, Carie at Fil de la Vie manages to look gorgeous less than a month after giving birth to her Baby. And don't you love the name of her blog? It's exactly what this blogging thing is for so many of us.
5} The Scent of Water is one of the most subtle, beautifully written, melancholic and life affirming blogs you'll ever read. Her photographs are beautiful too.
6} Kristin's French Word-A-Day was one of the first blogs I found about life in the South of France. I read it with hope and conviction from my dining table in Ireland through all the planning, organizing, and waiting for my own vie francaise.
7} And fellow Texan Lisa Fain of HomesickTexan who inspires me to bring a little Texas to my Franco cooking as well as sharing the best ever recipes for some forever favorites. Her cookbook is coming out this fall and I can't wait to buy it. I've never made anything of hers that wasn't delicious.


  1. Aidan, first of all, thanks so much! How sweet are you!??! (And yes, buy my book!) Second of all--this is where you went to--yay! I haven't been reading many blogs as of late but I am trying to turn a new leaf because I miss it so much. Have a lovely day!

  2. Okay, I'm back to say that my verification word was ausin. Do they do that on purpose? As in, use French sounding words when it's a blog in France? I swear, there are people who sit and personally choose each word based on individual things that apply to each post. It happens way too often.

  3. I really like your dining room.
    And where my I ask did you find a copy of Red? I get my magazines in Aix but I've never come across Red.
    (and my three words would be casual, classic, and... I can only think of two, I'll work on coming up with a third) x

  4. Heidi,
    I'm glad we found each other again. No more Ireland but France is exciting too.

    I got the Red from an Irish friend who visited. As much as I hate the color I really love the magazine. I miss magazines. And newspapers.
    I like your three words...what's the third? elegance, maybe?
    a x

  5. Dear Aidan,
    I recovered from the surprise. Thank you so much for this award, I am very proud of it and feel very flattered indeed.
    This morning I wrote a post and passed the award. It was not easy, since there are so many talented women online.
    It was fun, a nice experience.

  6. Note to myself: do not wear red when meeting Aidan next time.

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