Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire Papillon

Nine years ago today I became a mother. I've been thinking about all the ways my life has changed in that nine years, how my little baby girl is turning into a big girl before my eyes with a sense of humor like her Daddy, a love of words like her Mommy and a flawless French accent all her own.
Here's nine things about her. One for each year.

1) She loves riding horses and has learned to gallop.
2) Her curly hair grows more out than down.
3) She has succumbed to the Jonas brothers.
4) Hermione is her hero.
5) She blushes when I speak French because my accent embarrasses her so much.
6) She still believes in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.
7) Her Daddy is travelling at the moment but they agreed to meet in their dreams. They rode horses together last night.
8) She makes delicious chocolate truffles.
and finally
9) She is happy, confident, joyful and sweet--with a bit of sass and plenty of eye rolling thrown in, just as it should be.

Happy birthday to Ma Fille, the beautiful papillon


  1. She is so gorgeous! And she sounds pretty spunky! I like it! bon anniv !

  2. That's lovely Aidan. Birthdays are such a big deal....for us moms. Each birthday of both my sons is a day of reflection for me. Even this far away. What kind of cake are you making today?

  3. Good Morning and Happy Birthday, Sofia (4 am here)! Hope you are having a wonderful day. I remember Feb. 9 2002 very well and you grow more beautiful every day. Love you all!

  4. Brenna,
    She is definitely her own person.

    you're right. i can't believe it's gone so fast. she's sick with the flu today which is the pits bc she can't go to horse riding. i'm going to make her some lemon squares and i hope she can eat them.

    aidan x

  5. Such a nice post - she sounds just lovely...& love the touch of "sass", just like it should be, agreed :)
    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  6. Happy birthday to your birthday girl!

  7. Tuula,
    thank you. she is lovely. and sassy.

    she says she's famous because she's getting all these bday wishes. it is making her smile through la grippe.


  8. Happy Birthday!! I hope she feels better soon :)

  9. That was such a lovely birthday tribute :-) She is beautiful!

  10. Happy Birthday, sweet Sofia!

    We had a snow day in Austin last week and our random snowfalls always remind me of her 2nd bday party on Valentine's Day. It snowed in the morning and then we had a beautiful afternoon for the kids to play in your backyard without a trace of the morning's weather!

    Hope she's feeling better today.


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