Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seasonal Sunday--Chocolate Truffles

If you love someone don't set them free. Make them truffles instead.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow so Ma Fille and I wanted to make truffles for you. Well, for us but maybe this will inspire you to make them for you and yours.

Chocolate Truffles

300 ml heavy cream
1 tblsp unsalted butter
300 g dark chocolate, 70% is best
1 tsp vanilla

powdered sugar, cocoa powder, chunky sea salt, chopped pecans or your favorite nut for coating

Warm cream and butter to just simmering not allowing it to get too hot.
Break chocolate up into a glass bowl.
Pour warmed cream and butter over chocolate, stirring rapidly until melted. Add vanilla, stir to combine.
Allow the chocolate cream mixture to cool and it will harden a bit as it does. 25 minutes or so is all you really need. Don't put it in the refrigerator.

Put toppings on a plate for powdered sugar, one for cocoa powder, one for nuts. I like to make a separate plate with powdered sugar and a couple pinches of really chunky sea salt. It is divine.
Get ready for a mess. A super fun, gooey, chocolaty mess. I actually don't even do this part myself but leave it to the big kids cause they love getting super chocolaty and messy.

With two teaspoons, scoop out a small amount of the chocolate and roll into a ball. Or scoop with one teaspoon and roll in the palm of your hand like mine do. Now they're truffles. Roll your truffles in the topping of your choice and set aside. Or pop them into your mouth as you go.

Your Valentine will be forever yours. Love hearts from the South of France.


  1. Looks like loads of family fun. Just a quickie re the ingredients. Heavy cream translates to what product or brand in France?

  2. Hehe - love the chocolate fingers! That's the best part about making truffles! Happy Vday!

  3. Yvonne, If you're in France...I used creme entiere. does that help?
    I hope you make them and enjoy.

    I know...very messy but worth it.


  4. Going to make these as a special treat for M. Frank for Valentine's Day :) Thanks for sharing and the pics are adorable!

  5. ah, I miss those times "cooking??" with my kids. However, when they were teenagers, I worked as a designer in a flower shop and Valentine's Day became just the culmination of a week of 14 hour days. I'm a civilian now. And I want someone to make ME truffles! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family, Aidan.

  6. So happy you posted this! I wanted to make something today but seem to be missing the majority of ingredients and the local epicerie is closed (only one in the village!) but I have all these ingredients! x

  7. Linds, I hope he likes them. powdered sugar are the best.

    I would make them for you and hand deliver to share a glass of bubbly if we only lived closer!

    Try adding some red chile for a kick.

    Happy Valentine's Day lovely ladies,
    aidan x

  8. Yum, how fun! This is a great V-day idea & would love to get my hands into that chocolate - looks like the kids had a great time...messy & all :)
    Hope you had a wonderful V-day!

  9. Delicious, easy and fun! I make these in December, before Christmas, with my kids, but it makes a bit more sense now...

    Then again, chocolate is always in season!


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