I'm just an east Texas girl who, through some miraculous turn, is living a life I didn't even know to wish for; those people down there are the ones that make it special. Thanks to them and to you (the reader) and this blog, I've finally started to use my dusty old English degree, joyfully piecing words together to make stories out of our French adventure. I hope you like them.

P-Daddy, Mon Mari, Le Cycliste Geurrier
The patient, calm one of the family. He doesn't ever get too fussed and serves as a soothing balm to my frenzied planning, silly worries, and over active mind. Oh, and now he's a bad a$$ cause he cycled to the top of Mt Ventoux.

Ma Fille
She and I are the only human girls. She's got a dagger sharp wit, loves to wear my shoes, and can't get enough swimming. She wants to be a teacher, a pastry chef and a shop owner.

The Middlest
My sweetheart of a boy, he loves trying new foods and will be the first with a kind word when anyone is sad. He's the entertainer of the family. You can see his work throughout the blog, his latest performance being his version of 'near and far'. He dances a mean robot too.

The Littlest
The third and last of the kids who really gives me a run for my money. He's always eating, loves following the big kids everywhere and thinks he can do whatever they do; jumping from steps, say or riding down the hill on a skateboard. We call this his Daniel Craig look.

Clementine Mirabel Petals, La Petite Chienne

Our newest blondie and all around trouble maker. She levels out the boys v girls playing field. I'm sure she will feature in her share of posts.

Les Bon Amis
Our first French friends. They've welcomed us and made us feel at home here. We speak French and they speak English but we always have a dictionary handy.

And of course, the South of France, her lovely self and all the food, wine, and life she shares with us.


  1. i'm here, i'm here, and am appreciating all your words! 47 yo mom living outside san francisco and dreaming of a life in the south of france with my european (british) husband and 7 year old twins! i'll write more when the kids are back at school. keep up the great writing!

  2. hi there! so happy to hear from you. san francisco is pretty good too. and you have target. but, come on over and i'll welcome you. i'm glad you're reading..good to know someone is!

  3. Hello! I've just found your blog and look forward to reading some more of it... Mr FatDormouse is planning to cycle up Mont Ventoux three times in three days (why?) with some friends this year - unless he gets a job and can't take time off. I plan on going along and shopping!

    If you want to visit me I've got two blogs fatdormouse.blogspot.com (food) and dormouse.wibsite.com (life)

  4. So nice to find your blog! My husband and I spend our summers near Uzes, and are counting our days till we get there! Until then...I have you. And, oh yes my husband is bring his bike this year and climbing Mt Ventoux. Me? I think I'll sit and enjoy the quiet.

    1. Rebecca,
      Thanks for commenting and reading! I love Uzes. Our Irish gardener lives there, strangely. I'll keep writing for you if you'll keep reading. Let me know when you're back and we'll toast the bike riding boys.
      Aidan xo

  5. Hi Aidan
    Just found your blog and have book marked it to continue enjoying it...We are from New Zealand and spent 8 months in Marseille a couple of years ago and now dream of returning on a more longterm basis. I would like to know more about the practicalities of how you made the transition from the US to France - specifically I am thinking visas, finances, jobs...I am still working my way through your old posts - have you blogged on these topics already? Curious and keen to gleen from your experience...thanks!

    1. Hi Raewyn,
      I love your name. Is it Welsh? I've always had a thing for 'wyn' in first names, can't explain it, won't try to.
      Are you living back in New Zealand now? I have a good friend who I met while we lived in Ireland who is from there and lives back home now. She was my first and only Kiwi and I loved her!
      Thanks for commenting. I'll send you a direct email to answer your specific questions but wanted to say thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog!
      aidan xo

    2. Hey Raewyn,
      Send me your email address at conjugatingirregularverbs@gmail.com and I'll write you a proper note.


  6. I love your blog, and I'm so happy to have stumbled across it! I'm getting ready to move to B├ęziers this summer with my husband and two children (ages 6 and 9). So, so , so excited for this new adventure!

  7. Awesome blog!! I have wanted to travel to France since I attended middle school, so I am hoping to still make it there soon. I figured I would soak up all the cool info on it BEFORE I get on a plane headed there, then that will make my stay more exciting and enjoyable. You have such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing with us!!


  8. Dear Aidan,

    My name is Joe Pinzone and I'm casting an international travel show about expats moving abroad. We'd love to film in France and wanted to know if you could help us find expats who have moved there within the last 15 months or have been there for 3-4 years, but recently moved into a new home. The show documents their move to a new country and will place the country in fabulous light. The contributors on the show would also receive monetary compensation if they are filmed. If you'd like more information, please give me a call at 212-231-7716 or skype me at joefromnyc. You can also email me at joepinzone@leopardusa.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  10. Hi Aidan,

    I have discovered your blog as well as this article (https://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/living/articles/living-in-south-of-france.shtml) which I really liked. Can I please ask if you are still active on this blog?

    Warm Regards


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