Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Back before we had kids I worked as a teacher among other things. But when I was pregnant with Ma Fille I was in teacher mode and I taught elementary school. I loved it and felt like I'd finally found my niche.

I'm telling you this because I keep thinking about how life works in such weird ways.You know we've always had a thing for France. Always wanted to live here, blah, blah, blah. But did you know that while I was teaching, little girl cooking away on the inside, I had a student from France? She was the same age as Ma Fille is now and she was thrown into English public school without a word of our language. Interesting reversaroo, huh?

When I was Marie's teacher I was sympathetic to all the changes she was facing. I was extra sweet to her, spent time talking with her mom about how she was doing and stayed after school three days a week to help her along with English. I remember we would just talk about different things, nothing special really. Just time spent one-on-one speaking and practicing her second language. I had no idea that some day my baby girl (plus two brothers) would be going through the same things. And we've been blessed with a wonderful school and kind, patient teachers who are doing the same things I did back then.

As I watch them skip off to French school, happy as can be, holding hands and chattering away in crazy Franglish with their friends I think of Marie and her family. What a crazy life this is that I'd be here in France standing by in awe as my kids become bilingual.

After Ma Fille was born I didn't go back to teaching. I don't know what ever happened to Marie's family; if they're back here in France or still living happily in Texas. I do know that life is crazy and that there are myriad connections we just can't see, guiding and shaping, waiting for us to trust, dive in, let go.

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  1. Life is can be truly bizarre. I feel like you met Marie to help you in your life now. Totally kismet!


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