Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a Nemrod

To paraphrase one of George Costanza's misguided and painstakingly thought out comebacks, "The nemrod store called and they're runnin' outta YOU!"

Embellish as you like. I couldn't resist taking this photo in Apt over the summer.
Bon apres-midi!


  1. hee hee... nemrod! I always say, nimrod, but close enough!
    Where in Apt is this? I'm going to be there on Saturday and would love to see, Le Nemrod.

  2. If I remember right it's on the far side of town, up a pedestrian street across from the boulodrome. There's an ice cream shop just on the left when you enter the street and a pottery, soap, and fancy pastis and olive oil shop on the left too. It's just down from there. Let me know if you find it. And if you have a drink there.


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