Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blues Got Ya Down?

As I drove home from the school run just now, spent from battling with the Middlest over the fit of his blue jeans, I knew I needed to do something to lift me from the indigo slump I was in. So I need a little pick-me-up today. Maybe you need one too.
What to do then but make a list of things that make me happy....
1) "Lunch was soooo good today. It was like a big chicken nugget filled with ham and cheese!", the Middlest. (that's cordon bleu to you and me)
2) Ma Fille made chocolate truffles and we ate them all.
3) I made a salmon and potato tart for lunch yesterday and Ma Fille said I could sell them and become super rich because it was so good.
4) I watched the Middlest practice football yesterday. He looked really happy and runs really fast.
5) I have a vase of olive branches with small green olives as a centerpiece on my dining room table; cut right off a tree in my back garden.
6) The Baby says, 'Thank you Mama".
7) And finally. Mon mari is coming back tonight from two weeks of business trips.
8) One  more....I live in the South of France. Suck it up lady and stop your moping.

Think of yours and help make  my day.

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  1. I'm happy (and a tad embarrassed) that I've recently discovered The Vampire Diaries. It's keeping me company as I'm in bed with the flu.

    (and I love chicken nuggets stuffed with ham and cheese!)


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