Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogblock--Not So Much

I don’t know why really, but I have been suffering from blogblock.

{walking into walls}
It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to tell you about or that I’ve been uninspired by the goings on here in France.
It’s just I’ve been busy, lazy, preoccupied and have lost the ability to spell in English.

And then there’s the baby who keeps me on the run; chasing him out of lotions, flour, lip gloss and every pair of shoes he can find. He has a shoe fetish, this one and walks around with everyone’s shoes on either his feet or in a pinch, his hands.

Last week I sat down at the computer more than once to tell you something….about the chicken I made and how my lovely new friend, Madame Bonne Amie made chicken that day too, only hers was ‘USA Chicken’ and how that made me laugh.

I started on a post about going on a field trip to the Fabre Museum in Montpellier with the Middlest and his class of 30 other students to look at sculpture.

We spent a wonderful weekend entertaining new friends and being entertained as well and I sat down to tell you about all that too.
Today, I’m back. And I’m finally going to put some words on the page for you to read and enjoy.
I’ll work my way backwards.

Sunday was Fête des Peres. We spent a lovely, dappled sun and wine hazed day Chez Canadian. It was one of those perfect days that unfolds slowly and pleasantly with food and drink throughout, kids playing and laughing and leisurely enjoying the company of friends.

We were invited to our first French barbeque on Saturday by Madame and Monsieur Bon Amis.
They have to be the kindest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met that I can’t really talk to.

We were treated to a postcard lunch under their pergola, tasting different wines from his cave, telling stories in the others’ language, and eating, eating, eating.

First, a French take on guacamole served in petit cups, more of an avocado mousse than anything, it was light and fluffy and delicious.
We then moved onto the salade—a decomposed spread of tomatoes, cucumber and tuna with a vinaigrette. All washed down with rose.

Next we ate sausages that come in one long coil, cooked on the open fire chiminea to perfection; their richness cut by cold, boiled potatoes with a crème frâiche, chive and garlic sauce and vin rouge.

The cheese course was presented on a platter with two huge slabs of white cheese and one bleu.

More vin rouge.  And to finish we had a flourless coconut cake with coffee.
Voila! A perfect French welcome.

Saturday night we treated ourselves to some English, steaks and soccer with our American friends.

{american friends}
How I could have eaten anything else I don’t know, but somehow I managed. It was great to speak easily and frivolously in my tired Texas accent and be completely understood.

This past weekend contained a wealth of riches; welcomes, friends, food and wine, happy kids, sunshine and that sparkly happiness you find in those rare moments when you realize how thankful, appreciative and joyful you are to be here, spinning around on this planet and living life.

Finally, I did it. I hope it doesn’t take me so long next time.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And oh! I'd love to speak easily with my tired Texas accent and be understood! That would be heaven, just for one day, and for everyone around me to understand my jokes instead of looking at me like I'm from another planet!

    Bon weekend :-)

  2. Bon weekend to you too. You're welcome anytime for some Texas talk.


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