Monday, August 1, 2011

Clementine Mirabel Petals

We have a fourth child. It happened rather quickly and I didn't have to put in much effort to get her. Nothing like the other three.
We couldn't decide on a name so she got three.
Clementine because that's what Ma Fille wanted and strangely the daughter of the breeder's name is the same and when they heard that's what Ma Fille wanted to name her they started calling her Clementine. Sweet, huh? And also very kismet.

Mirabel because we just spent a week with our Irish friends near a tiny French town called 'Mirabel-aux-Baronnies' and it seemed appropriate and fresh since we brought her home the day after we got back from our holiday.
And Petals because that's the name the Middlest chose and I happen to think it's perfectly lovely for a puppy to be called Petals; especially if a 7 year-old heartthrob thinks of it.

We call her a combination of the three but so far it's mostly been Clementine--with an American accent, long on the 'i'. I personally love blending Mirabel and Petals all together real close to make it sound a bit Texan like this, 'MirabelPetals, you pretty girl'.

Here are a few quick facts about the newest member of our little family.

1) She is bilingual, naturalement, and understands 'sit' in French and English equally poorly.
2) She is blonde like the other three.
3) We took her to the beach for the first time and she attacked the small waves, biting at them and barking once she got over the initial 'what the?!'.
4) She likes to take naps.
5) You can stand outside with her saying, 'outside, go tee-tee' for 20 minutes only to have her pee on the doormat on the way back in.
6) She is like the Baby's twin. In manner, habits, chubby tummy and blondeness.
7) She dips her feet into her water bowl and then slides across the kitchen floor.
and finally,
8) She eats snails. Just like a Frenchie.

Clemetine Mirabel Petals


  1. Very cute! Except the image of her munching snails...

  2. In other words, she is "all puppy" ;-) Welcome to Clementine/Mirabel/Petals. A pretty blonde if there ever was one. Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  3. Is she a Golden or a Lab or a mix? She looks adorable and you're in for "un bordel" for a few years to come.

  4. Dedene,
    that post was for you, btw. and she's a golden. they said her adult coat will be the color of her ears so she's a bit more roux than cream. we love her so much! expect more clementine featuring in the blog.
    thanks for the welcome. she feels right at home! and yes, very much a puppy.
    I know. but she can't help herself. she's french after all.

    aidan xo

  5. Snails! That's a French dog sure :-)

  6. She's so blonde she fits right in. And she's totally the littlest's twin. They are going to get into so much trouble together!
    Really like your new profile pic x

  7. So adorable and I love the name!


  8. Love everything about this!!! How cute is that name!!!

    Also, she needs to come visit because my garden is FULL of snails and my dog is only interested in tormenting the cats.

    Oh, and, I once had a foster dog that I would let out for two hours (TWO HOURS) to go pee/poo and she would hold it until the second she walked in the door, and the would pee/poo all over the floor....

  9. oh my word, Clementine is GORGEOUS. Love the names, love that she waits to go tee-tee inside, love that she eats snails, love that she also has a version of a texas-trash name with MirabelPetals.

    Initially I only wanted to steal away with your children, I'm adding Clementine to the list. ADORABLE.

  10. Adorable. I fought getting a dog for years, but am now in love with Krystal Clear Daniels. Puppies tend to sneak their way right into our hearts.

  11. We'll have to get Clementine and Duffy together for a play-date someday. Duffy would share the snail supply with her, but I don't know about plastic flower pots...those are her favorite snacks and she's never had to share those.

  12. so cute! I had two goldens growing up, Barney and Sunny, father and son actually


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