Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Days with Sara

We have had some serious bonding time with Sara from the little village. First, she came here to ours for the weekend and we had a ball. We went to one of the paillotes on the beach, one of my favorite things about summer here in Montpellier, for a dinner and dj/rave/I'm too old to understand music blaring, base thrumming in your chest, fish traumatizing, people standing bunched together with one arm raised, pumping a finger or fist to the beat dance.
not the best photo but it was really pretty, i swear
The dinner was delicious though and so were the mojitos. We shared a fish baked in a salt crust and it was so pretty I had to take a photo. The waiter who scraped off all the salt was delicious too.
Sara and I spoke English like it was our last night on earth while her Husband and his French friends stayed well away. Don't get between two Texas girls who've been deprived of parleying the English. I think they were afraid.
But then I started doing my I must talk to everyone thing and unleashed my French on one of the couples. They were so nice, telling me they understood me and that I was doing well. The lovely Coraline asked how old I was when I told her I had three kids and when I told her the shocking truth she was suitably shocked. What she said next got her a big kiss right on the cheek. She told me she'd thought I was 32. Aha! This felt super good until I realized she's only 22 and to her 32 may not be 39 but it's a hell of a lot older than she thinks about being. Good feeling diminished.
The next day was spent lazing around the house in our bikinis and more talk, talk, talking. Sara talks like she writes so you can imagine spending the day with her for yourself if you read her blog. Her Husband became the 'Manny' because as big and strong as he is he's just as soft and kind. My kids love him like you can't imagine.
Sara's Husband & the Middlest
We cooked some meat, drank some wine and talked some more. The terrace is the new Las Vegas. What happens there, stays there.
Sara & Ma Fille
Sunday morning was gorgeous so we headed back down to the beach, or as the Littlest says, 'the big pool'. This time we took the kids and Clementine. She was a bit afraid of the waves at first but once she got over the 'what in the world!?' she jumped and barked and went puppy mad. It was enough to send her under my beach chair for the remainder of the time, konked out. We even had to carry her back to the car.
We were having so much fun that Sara and I decided it would be a good idea for the kids and I to come to Le Petit Village for a night later in the week. Mon Mari was traveling for work so why not? Let's just keep the party going. How relaxing, how lovely. Come to the village and hang out. With three kids. And a puppy.
Do you know what I'm going to say next?
It was an ass-kickin' like no other. The Littlest didn't enjoy the car ride, didn't get enough to eat, didn't get enough sleep and didn't like it at all. Poor little guy. When we went to lunch he ate some and then scrambled down to pet Clementine who was happily sleeping under my chair. (there's a theme here) He was happy and quiet and as we finished up a man from behind me came over to let me know why. 'Um, the baby is eating the dog food.' Oh, that explains it. We all laughed and I made my Littlest jokes like, 'Oh, it's not the first time and it won't be the last.' And it wasn't. Turns out Eukanuba large breed puppy food rivals peanut butter crackers to this kid. He was just in the kitchen this morning sneaking a nibble of kibble.

Clementine and Fifty are now BFFs. She wasn't scared like I was expecting but rather quite delighted to have a doggie friend's ears to nibble since she isn't allowed to taste the Littlest's.
Fifty & Clementine
We came home with a stopover at Kirsty's to see her newest little Aussie. She looks fabulous and serene just weeks after giving birth to her fourth child. I could have spent the evening there with her letting the kids run amok and free, jumping on the trampoline and sliding down the kid slide but I had to drive my guys home to their own beds and my much deserved glass of wine and paperback alone on the terrace.
Summer as it should be. Busy, fun, crazed, fun-filled and exhausting.
I hope you're having a lovely one too.


  1. It sounds like you are having a great summer! Clementine is adorable. I give my dog the same brand of kibbles. It does smell pretty good... :)

  2. Exhausting is definitely the word of the day. But having you guys around was definitely worth it! G is in kid withdrawal... I'm not joking.
    I just want to go back to that Friday night and hit pause and stay in that space (possibly with that waiter... I'm sure we wouldn't complain) with those mojitos. Never a time machine around when you need one x

  3. Peeing down with rain up here in rural 9and slightly backward) Brittany but, that's just normal summer weather for us hardy souls!

    I don't think anyone in our village owns a bikini, let alone wears one but hey, we are a bit behind the times!

    Have to admit that I'm more than a little bit traumatised about you feeding your son Dog Food?

    Does this make you a Bad Mommy?

    Should there be a Baddest Mommy of the Week Award on Garlic?

    And is it (your son's dog food eating tendancy), in any way due to SJ's bad influence (I think that was a rhetorical question?)

    All the best


  4. So jealous! (need some mojitos) And oh my god! Clementine is absolutely adorable. I'm glad she has a new best friend with Fifty, who looks a bit stalkerish in the photo (LOL)

  5. Samantha,
    'stalkerish' is a nice way of putting it.

    baddest mommy? if you mean bad as in awesome, then yes, i accept.

    time machines would be big business.

    thank you. we love our little puppy. what kind do you have?

    aidan x

  6. Aidan,
    That woman was do look 32! Yea for Texas girls having a good time. I feel like I know you both. So happy you and Sara have each other to "talk Texas", go to a dance party to see the cute waiters, eat well... Summer is simply the best for catching up with friends. I've been doing the same thing and trying to make it last as long as possible for school starts! Long live summer ;)

  7. Sounds like two crazy women on the loose. Glad you had such fun.

  8. Thanks so much for all coming to visit - we had a ball. I've been thinking about the kibble eating and I think you have a golden opportunity here. Just get the other two kids to eat it too and you won't have to cook. Plenty more time for wine and reading then!

  9. This post had me grinning from ear to ear - partly because I can picture you and Sara talking a million miles a minute while the men-folk look on in a bemused manner and partly because the littlest chowing down on kibbles is too hilarious.

    Glad you both had a great time!

  10. So I've lost track of everyone's blogs and love that you have a sweet sweet puppy! Love even more the fun you and Sara are having together. The thing about blogging and the people it brings into your life - can't beat this experience! Hugs to you all! V

  11. Fun!!!!! What a blissfully awesome summer :). Clementine might also be the cutest puppy on earth ... and Vicki might be jealous of her, a younger hot lady!!


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