Thursday, September 1, 2011

She's a Celebrity--With a Secret

I've never had a dog. Much less an attractive attention getting golden beauty, so I wasn't prepared for how the spotlight shines when we take her places. It makes me feel kinda sorry for Brad & Angelina.
her closeup
We've met and exchanged phone numbers with three different families on beach outings because of her. Neighbors who haven't spoken a word to us in the past year and a few months have suddenly decided to strike up a conversation when we're out walking her. And yesterday when we took a last adventure of the summer hurrah trip to Aigue-Mortes people kept stopping us to pet her, giving those 'oh, how adorable' sidelong glances and some actually took photos.

they are all kinda cute

She has her own paparazzi in the form of a very tall Dutch tourist who kindly asked permission to snap a pic of her golden goodness and then the French dad on holiday who framed his family photo just so in order to include our girl in the forefront. Weird. The kids were impressed by all this attention and have declared that Clementine is indeed a celebrity.
And because all celebrities have secrets; some deep and dark and others more along the lines of 'they're just like us' snacking on apple chips while doing the grocery shopping, I'll go ahead and beat the gossip columns to it and out Clementine's deepest shame.
Are you ready? Alert the press and the tall Dutch man and especially the French lady who made a beeline to her in order to have her lick all over her very tan face and then said, 'Merci!' to us like we'd given her a special gift.
before she rolled around in the water
Not even 24 hours before the lovely and talented Clementine ate a baby bird. Alive. Well, it was at first anyway. She heard it chirping from under the fig tree where it must have tumbled from its safe, twiggy nest. It was calling out for help which came in the form of what I hope was sudden death by doggie chomping. Celebrity doggie chomping, but death nonetheless. She knew she had found a treasure because of my reaction--curled up toes, shrieks of 'DROP IT!' and the chase that ensued.

She wasn't going to drop it for anything. And as she ran away, bouncing on the pads of her big feet, I swear she was smiling....spindly bird legs and the white tip of a wing poking from her lopsided grin.

When I asked K, the Bestie, why she didn't warn me of this dog predilection to eat living creatures whole she texted back that it was better than eating panties. Which I thought was more gross than I wanted to consider.
Baby birds it is.

Celebrities. There's no accounting for taste.


  1. Aidan

    So, if you insist on feeding your youngest Dog Food, why get upset when your dog wants to eat little birdies?

    All the best


    P.S. You do know that there's going to be an award for this next Tuesday, don't you?

    P.P.S. Have you thought about taking Clementine to the local pet shop so she can choose her own lunch? I don't think Budgies are too expensive?

  2. As usual you made me laugh, agood laugh from the bottom of my heart: I needed it, thank you!

  3. Blandina,
    Well, you made my day. I needed it too so thank you!
    aidan x

  4. Aw man, I used to be grossed out when our cats would chomp down live geckos and then play with the dropped tails they left behind. But a baby bird, that would be far more traumatic.
    Lucky I had H. inside when Clementine visited us ;)

  5. Smart dog, but she must have been really hungry :-)
    By the way, I spent one night years ago at Aigues-Mortes and listened some Verdi in an open-air theater or something like that. It was a dream like evening that I still remember.

  6. Goldens are great dogs for families...but they are bird dogs. Our dog is only part golden, but she would jump in front of a TGV if it meant getting a bird.
    Clementine is beautiful!

  7. Dogs are gross. Beautiful and lovable...but gross. My childhood dog used to make off with my baby cousin's diapers.

    Interesting point made above that Goldens are bird dogs. I guess different breeds are born to go after different things. Not sure what this says about my dog who was into diapers...

    People really do tend to make a fuss over a particularly pretty dog - and yours is quite a beauty.

    Loved your comment on my aging post. I'm with you - it's not so bad. (yet)

    Look forward to reading more here!

  8. It could be so much worse - cat litter tray, cat sick, live mice (fresh from their nests in the fields), I could go on, but it just gets more unpleasant!

  9. I'm jealous of Clementine's celebrity status. Our dog gets dirty stares and maybe a "C'est une bête!" He's a rotti/dobberman mix and chases flies that come into the house, terrifying I know.

  10. My husband said that when he walks Mortimer by himself the women are falling at his if I should ever leave him he wants custody:) If you want a


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