Friday, September 16, 2011

Making Tex-Mex, Sharing the Love

Tonight I am going to Chez Canadiens to make the mother of all Tex-Mex--cheese enchiladas. The Canadienne's Beau-Pere is here and he wants to learn how to make some ooey-gooey Texas goodness.

We'll have margaritas, guacamole (if the avocados aren't too hard), my fresh perfect salsa, Mexican rice and melted cheese filled, fried corn tortillas baked in homemade Texas red chile sauce.
I have Lisa over at Homesick Texan to thank for the recipe. It's one that never has wooed the Canadians and more than a few Irish.

There's something wonderful about being able to create a loose facsimile of a favorite restaurant dish, especially when you can't just pop out in your SUV to the nearest Tex-Mex joint, eat handfuls of crispy, salty tortilla chips, throw back a salt-rimmed freezing cold margarita and fill your belly full of cheese and chile sauce.

I don't know if I'd ever have learned or bothered to learn how to make this wonderfully decadent dish (or even have thought it was decadent) if I didn't live far from home. I've had to figure out ways to bring flavors from restaurants at home to my French table. I've learned how to make Chinese take-out, Indian and Thai curries, Luby's chicken fried steak and some okay bbq. These  are all skills born out of neccesity. Texans just can't live on crêpes alone.

I always loved Tex-Mex on a Friday night. I hope Msr Canadien likes it too.
Santé, ya'll!


  1. Hola Bella! What time and where? I will bring the limes! By the way--what is the French equivalent to 'queso-fresco'? And you just had to....fresh salsa and Texas red chile sauce!?! My stomach is growling just thinking about it!

    Adios Amiga...bon appetit!

  2. I can't imagine a world where I didn't have that Tex-Mex goodness on a weekly basis. You made my mouth water with the salty chips and the frozen margarita. I think I know where I'm going to eat this evening :) Have a great Friday night!

  3. Bravo!! Living here in San Francisco I have had to recreate things in the kitchen from the South I can not get - and even have to have my Mom send me grits in the mail!! Some things one has to have!

  4. I love France and French food. They are, probably, the best you can get. But I too like more variety :-)

  5. I am completely amazed at your ability to recreate Tex-Mex dishes in France! Where did you find the cheese for these dishes??? Detailed ingredient list and recipes are needed asap

  6. The enchiladas were fabulous guys! And you can make them too if you can't go out to eat them like my Susan*.

    My first thought about the queso fresco is to use feta or soft, mild goat cheese. I remember eating delicious red onions in Mexico that had been soaked in vinegar and turned a beautiful purple color. and now i do them that way all the time.

    I am so glad you are reading my blog. I love yours and am so thankful to you.

    I;ll make them for you. bring that family and new baby on over....

    variety is the spice of life. who said that?

    I had a wonderful, magical Disney moment the day I found yellow cheddar cheese at my local L'eclerc supermarche. You have to go to the cheese lady and ask for it but it's from Ireland and the closest thing I can find to homestyle cheddar. The recipe is from Lisa at Homesick Texan and I can recommend anything she's done whole-heartedly. She's come out with a new cookbook too which is on its merry way to me in France.

    Bisous and bon weekend to you all. Thanks for sticking around even though i haven't been too prolific lately.

    aidan xo

  7. Hell yeah sister!!! I've made more TexMex in London (in 3 months!) than I EVER made in Texas in 35 years!!!

    I made some enchiladas the other day and was about to have the big O I was so happy. I need to get down to the south and eat yours! and drink MARGS!! and eat GUAC!!! LOVE!!!

  8. Hey, Aidan!! Loved what I've read in your blog so far!! Especially cause your school experience with your lil'ones have been such a relief!! We are most probably getting expat to Pau around Sept. 2012 and what worries me most is my -by then- 8 years old daughter. We are Spanish native speakers but will be trying to learn as much French as possible in advance. Even though now, after reading your blog, I already now that it will never be enough for me, lol! Just hoping it will be enough for ma fille to fit in Loved your "La Rentrée", it so pictures what we moms feel as we see our kids growing up... And just before saying goodbye for now, two funny facts: in Argentina Bob Sponge Square Pants has also lost his pants and is only "Bob Esponja"...and here I am a wife...but I'm also my husband's woman Hugzzz!! Lola

  9. Made some awful mistakes: "have" for "has" and "now" for "know"...sorry! :P Lola

  10. Lola,
    So doesn't matter about the typos! I type fir all the time.
    I loved hearing from you and getting such a long comment. It makes me so happy when new people reach out and share their experiences.
    You should really not worry at all about your daughter's experience coming up. I wasted way too much time on it and as you've read, have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly they've adapted. If you ever want to chat more you can always email me at the private address too.
    All the best,
    Aidan x

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