Sunday, September 18, 2011

Central Texas Wildfires

Days of 100+ weather (that's 40+C) and no rain didn't do Texas any favors. The wildfires outside of Austin have left thousands of homes destroyed and sent families fleeing to school gyms for refuge.
Photo credit: Reuters
There are many ways to donate money to the recovery effort and to help out but a group of folks have designed some cool t-shirts that you can buy at where 100% of the proceeds go to those who need the help.
If you'd like to do something but are wondering how, why don't you have a look here.
You can get a groovy t-shirt plus a Texas style good feeling to go with it.
I'll be sporting the red flaming Lone Star all over the South of France. And I've sent in a request for kid sizes 'cause the Littlest just has to have the this one, don't you think?


  1. Fantastic shirt for a great cause - thanks for letting us know about this Aidan. Thinking of Texas!

  2. I din't know. It must have been terrible. The shirts are a nice way to show sympathy and help too.


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