Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There's a Reason Why She's a Bestie

Where, oh where, to begin? My Bestie is back home in Texas, I have recovered from too much rosé on the terrace and we're all getting back in the 'France on our own' groove.

I don't want to be sappy or sound like an ingrate but it can happen that when you live far from home and then a burst of home sparkles through your 'away life', you feel weird. More than kinda sad. And unsettled. I've been trying to reconcile these feelings for the past couple of days.

When someone from home sees you in your life abroad it shines a bright light on it for you. It makes you see things through their eyes and take stock of what the differences are in a way you've not thought about. Maybe because you don't have the time, opportunity or headspace to do so. It also gives you a peek through the window of what you've been missing. I've missed English. I've missed laughing so hard I pee a little bit. And I've missed the ease and comfort of being with someone I've know for nearly 20 years. I have all that with Mon Mari but we probably take each other for granted because we're here together all the time and that's what people do.

What did the visit show me?

1) I live far away.
2) Things just keep moving on.
3) My kids don't know what American Girl dolls are.
4) I've gotten a bit French stylee laissez-faire with how I look at life.
5) It's nice to speak English to express myself.
6) I like to eat lunch at mid-day and if I don't I feel grouchy.
7) Directions are not our strong suit and GPS cannot be trusted.
8) I can drink from a wine glass with my toes.
9) I prefer window fresh air to blasting air-conditioned air in the car.
10) I know how to ask for just about anything in French--especially, 'Is there a public toilet in the village?'

No matter how far away she is I will always have my Texas Bestie. She traveled 17+ hours twice in less than a week just to see me. To drive all over Provence with me. To sit on the terrace and laugh. There is no one like her and I am so thankful to have her friendship. Near or far.

Now I've gotten that off my chest. Prepare for a more detailed account of the 'Provence Old Stuff Death March' tomorrow.


  1. Oh you know I'm feeling for you!
    It doesn't matter how awesome it is that we live in the south of France, because sometimes there are those days where it would be so great to be back in Texas, drinking some miller light while sitting on a tailgate, and laughing with our best friends. But in the immortally wise words of Wooderson... we just got keep on livin... L I V I N

  2. So happy for you. It has been a while since French friends or relatives have visited us in Seattle. Too long in fact, and that is why Le Husband, Junior and I are currently traveling across France and Europe. I have been lucky to hook up with a couple of Besties on this trip. Yeah! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  3. Love this! So perfectly said! Puts a little lump in my throat as I think about my bestie with no visit in sight or on the calendar at least for this year....I will have to continue to live vicariously through you! Bestie visit envy, sun envy, pool envy, South of France envy.....


  4. I'm glad to hear you had such a good visit. I totally get the way you see your life after a visit -- you realize what it is like to hang out with people who think like you and who get your sense of humor (I live in Belgium).
    Hope you're not too homesick!

  5. There's nothing like a best friend to bring sunshine to your world! So glad Y'ALL had fun! Until you meet again:)

  6. Yes, it's always nice to see an old friend or a Mom. Someone who'll make you feel less far away.

  7. I was with you, til #8, that one sort of blew my mind. But hey, good for you (and your hubby)! Your bestie is lucky to have you. I miss you terribly and your blogs make me feel like I've spent a wee bit of time with you :) love you, susan

  8. Know how you feel, especially having just waved my mum off (different kind of bestie!). Glad you had fun and looking forward to hearing about your exploits - as well as trying out that wine glass trick myself!! ;)

  9. These are the moments for which they invented the word BITTERSWEET.

    Today I had to call a stateside girlfriend unexpectedly to find out more about a mutual friend who's landed in the hospital. I wanted to crawl through the telephone line and land in my friend's shady backyard to drink and talk like there was no tomorrow. I actually yelped. But the weather is summer-great here...and the feeling passed.

  10. Girl, I hear ya. But, I'm so so so glad you had a visit :) Really love that for you!! Texas besties are the BEST aren't they?


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