Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Bestie is Coming, My Bestie is Coming!

I am beyond excited, have been chasing my tail getting ready, planning and preparing for a visit from one of the Texas besties. You remember them from Paris, right? Well, this time it's only one and we're going for a sun-dappled, lavender scented road trip through Provence--Texas style.

here we are in Paris, she's on the left
She's never been to the South of France so I am thrilled to show her the beauty of the place we call home. One of the requests she had was that our hotel have air-conditioning (she's a Texan remember). When I told her that my house doesn't even have a/c her quick and funny reply was, 'well, you have six weeks.'

She's great about coming to visit me in Europe and I can't tell you  how much it means to me that she  makes two flight connections, spends the airline miles and arranges her husband, friends, parents and sisters to take care of her two children in order for us to spend this time together.

This isn't our first European road trip by the way. The last one was across Ireland. In February. Imagine. My beloved car, Great White, huffed and puffed her way across from Dublin to Cos. Clare and Galway and we had the best time ever, not even listening to the radio not only because GW doesn't have one that picks up European signals (Japanese) but because we couldn't stop talking and laughing, catching up with each other and just being together. A little old Irish man hit on her at a Spar in Galway telling her he liked her sweater in a drunken Irish accent and then inviting her to breakfast....we all know what that means. He was 70 if he was a day.
here she is chasing Irish sheep

I wonder if the septagenarian French men will find her as irresistibly appealing. I'll let you know.

We're all about checking out the 'old stuff' so Provence should keep us plenty busy. I'll take some photos of her in the lavender, she'll take photos of me in a hilltop village. It will be great. And I'll tell you all about when I get back next week. Until then, hug your bestie, make her laugh, and have some fun.


  1. So, so jealous! Just sent a note to my bestie who lives in Bend, OR and begged her to come visit! And we have in common that she and I traveled all over the UK together(about 13 years ago---OUCH!) but she has no idea of 'ma vie en France'. So cross your fingers for me--that I can convince her to come! Have a wonderful time with your BFF!! xx!

  2. Cat, I hope so much that she can come visit. When we say it means a lot to have visitors from home we aren't kidding! It makes a world of difference and helps to see life abroad through someone you love's eyes. And if she can't then you and I will have to meet in the middle of France. Fingers crossed a xo

  3. You are going to have a fantastic time! Enjoy every second of it, and laugh loads :-) x

  4. There's nothing like having a BFF come visit! My friend and I have a Paris rendezvous planned for July 2012 and I'm already counting down the days. Have a wonderful visit with your bestie!!

  5. YAY!!!! That makes me so happy for you. I just had a skype with a friend today and it felt so good to hear/see someone from back home. It made me so happy. I can't wait for my first visitor.

    I hope y'all have a GREAT time!!!!!


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