Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hidden In Paris--A Novel

I have to share my excitement with you. I won a copy of a novel about Paris and it was delivered to my door today from way over in Los Angeles. It's especially great to get a real live book in the mail when I'm so used to having them wirelessly delivered to my Kindle. Yeah, it's the best way to feed my reading addiction since I can't just pop out to the bookstore and buy English language books here in France, but there's nothing like the weight of pages and the fresh ink smell of a book.

The book is Hidden In Paris by Corine Gantz; a French woman who has done the opposite of some of us and is living the 'expat' life in the US.
Her popular blog, Hidden In France, came before this, her first self-published novel. And so I'm happy to help spread the word and to tell you how cool it is to have won a freshly printed and signed copy all my own. I'm already sold on the dedication.

I will start reading it soon and give you my review. (I'm too hooked on Russian Winter at the moment to put it down.)

What I love about blogging the most is finding and enjoying a network of like-minded women who support, encourage and inspire me. My list of these women grows longer and longer. It's wonderful how we humans can't keep from connecting and sharing.
Thanks Jennifer at ChezLouLou for holding the contest and Corine for the chance to read the book. A real book with proper paper pages.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Hidden in Paris :) I do hope you enjoy reading it!


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