Sunday, May 1, 2011

Porte Bonheur--Good Luck & Happiness to You

Today is May Day and in France they celebrate by giving dainty sprigs of lily of the valley as a symbol of good luck and well wishes for the year to come.
This is the meaning of Spring in all its forms....rebirth, blossoming, hope and shrugging off the dead leaves and cold of winter. Happy Spring to you!
Here's wishing you all the joy and luck in the world.

image credit: wikimedia/wikipedia


  1. I didn't know this tradition, how nice it is and how highly symbolic.
    The photo is amazing, how clearly you caught the details of the flower.

  2. My name means Lily of the Valley. Now I am going to enjoy today even more :)

  3. Blandina. It is a lovely tradition. These flowers look so fresh and happy dont they? I can't take credit for the photo though. Better add a credit to wikipedia in the caption quick!

    Susan. I wrote this post with you in mind. Renewal health and happiness for you.
    Love. A x

  4. Je te remercie. We need all the luck we can get.
    Happy May Day.

  5. Isn't the May Day "muguet" tradition great? I was in Bourgogne Easter weekend & the woods were full of lily-of-the-valley. Lovely!

    Wishing you lots of bonheur too!

    Emily in Annecy

  6. Happy new leaves and blossoming to you Aidan!

  7. Happy Spring! These little traditions make living in France special!

  8. Happy, happy spring! My neighbor and my husband gave me little bouquets this year! Love-er-ly!

  9. I was walking around our village wondering what was going on - all these roadside stalls selling flowers. I thought it was French Mother's Day until I heard on the radio! Duh.

  10. I got one and now it's dead, is that bad luck you think? :)


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