Monday, May 9, 2011

Ahh, Can You Hear It?

The silence that comes when a two-week Easter break has finally ended and the number of kids in the house goes from three to one. Okay, it's not really silence but everything's relative. It's more a lack of extra energy bouncing off the brown tile floors and stucco walls. Some days over the past two weeks there were as many as seven kids here at one time. I love it. I love the buzz, the laughter, the singularly blissful sound of pool water splashing as a jack-knife is perfected.
My favorite part of today is that there isn't an endless parade of food preparation, consumption and clean-up. My kids are like sharks; swimming, circling, eating. Repeat.

Today the Baby and I are being quiet.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about our bike trip along the Canal du Midi.


  1. Enjoy the silence that follows the craziness. I remember those days. I never wanted summer vacation to end for the kids. But the day it did...was perfection.

  2. Delana,
    I know what you mean...I loved most of it and am looking forward to the summer still to come but it really is tiring. I feel like the Grinch sometimes thinking 'all the noise, noise, noise, noise!'
    aidan x

  3. I do remember too, but I was happy when they all went back to school, maybe because there was 4 of them at home! Not counting the little friends, of course.

  4. Back to work for me! I enjoy having the little French kiddos back to school :) I missed them!

  5. Love the circling like sharks analogy! Enjoy your quiet and sanity :-) x


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