Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cherry Almond Clafouti

Ma Fille picked a huge bag full of cherries when we were in Petit Village....you know about it right? You've seen it on the map, yeah?

It's cherry picking time in the South of France and you can tell because the cherry trees that line the roads in Provence are heaving, branches slung low, dazzling with deep red jewels. Fresh cherries. Ma Fille took her share.

And after we ate all we could, some of us (the Baby) not bothering to spit out the pits (don't ask how I know this) I thought it was time to try a new recipe.

Cherries are like manna from heaven. They're on the more expensive end of expensive seasonal fruit so when you have a bag bulging with freshly hand-picked cherries you have to use them up.
I asked your advice on twitter and considered taking it by making a compote. In the end I decided on a clafouti.

If I'm honest I chose clafouti over compote because I like the sound of it better. And then I could say this: 'Why not enjoy a Miss Patouti Clafouti'?

Cherry Almond Clafouti

2 cups pitted fresh cherries

1/3 cup or 70g granulated white sugar
1/3 cup or 40g ground almond powder
3 tblsp. flour

2 large eggs, room temperature
1/2 cup /8 oz / 12 cl cream
1/2 cup/ 8 oz /12 cl milk (i used half-fat)

slivered almonds
powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350F/190C.

Pit your cherries. This is one of those times when you can get your zen on in the kitchen. I find these kitchen tasks quite absorbing and relaxing but maybe I just say that because I don't have a cherry pitter. It got kinda messy and now my favorite blue and white striped H&M shirt is spotted even though I was wearing an apron. Note: this is one of those times when a bikini under the apron would have been preferable.
{i heart my striped cherry stained shirt}

Put your pitted cherries in the bottom of a buttered or non-stick baking dish. I used a spring form cheesecake pan so didn't add the butter.

In a bowl, sift in the almond powder, flour and sugar and mix to blend.

In another bowl, whisk your two room temperature large eggs and then add in the cream and milk. Mix to combine.

Make a hole in the center of the dry ingredients bowl, pushing the dry mixture up the sides and gradually whisk in the eggy mixture. When it looks like cake batter, pour it all over the cherries.
Then, sprinkle on some slivered almonds.
And put it in the pre-heated oven for 40 minutes.
{ready for the oven}
A toothpick should come out clean and the spring form sides pop right off to release your Miss Patouti Clafouti.

Sprinkle on powdered sugar before serving.


  1. Looks yummy. I have always wanted a cherry tree and since now we have room, I ordered one. Then this last week when the kids were helping clean and mow we found one already here loaded with cherries! They are not quite ready, but I am filing this recipe so I can try it when they are. Can't wait. I love keeping up with you via your blog.
    Oh, I do have a cherry pitter and it still makes a big mess...you just make it faster. :)

  2. Making this! YUM!! I just need to get some cherries!....and some almonds....and flour....and eggs...oh and sugar....


  3. This looks awesome, and not too hard (for some reason I thought a fancy name like clafouti = tricky recipe). Our cherry tree has a terrible crop - hardly anything, not like last year. I don't know if it was because we had all that really hot weather very early - the flowers didn't hang around long before the tree leafed - I don't think the bees had long enough to do their business. At least they are fairly cheap at market. Thanks for the recette!

  4. Cherry + almond = my favorite combination! This looks amazing!

  5. I'm going back to visit that tree as soon as it stops raining. And I'll be sure to where my bikini while pitting, thanks for the tip x

  6. This looks amazing! I love cherries in anything :)

    Just found you via Top 25 Expat Mom Blogs - I'm an expat mom too :) XOL

  7. Hi - you've just made my day! I have a bowlful of cherries in the fridge, salvaged from the tree in our garden in advance of Saturday's weirdo storm here in Provence (did anyone else have pingpong ball-sized hailstones too?).

    The kids are fed up with cherries 'au naturel' now so I've been wondering how to use them up, and this recipe looks ace. Can I ask what type of cream you used? Thanks!

  8. That looks amazing! I want a piece right now!

  9. exactly the recipe I was looking for, it will be in the oven in 30 minutes, thank you!

  10. Blandina,
    I actually tried to make this gluten free for you..you're the reason i had the idea of using the almond flour in the first place but couldn't get by without using a bit of wheat flour. what are you going to do about that part? any suggestions?
    i hope you like it.
    aidan xo

  11. Mmmm, so nice...part of the cake is now part of me...
    I used rice flour and it came out perfect! Thanks a lot for thinking of me.


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