Saturday, November 13, 2010

Versatile: Flexible, Multi-Faceted & Putty-Like

Oh, yeah. I'm versatile. And all because Sara in Le Petit Village, one of the best friends I've never actually met, thinks I am. She's forwarded on a blogger award to my little blog because we Texas girls living in the South of France by way of Ireland have to stick together. Blogs abroad make you feel like you're not flying solo. Bisou Sara!

So, what I'm supposed to do after receiving all this good blog lovin' is this: write something nice about the lovely Sara, an easy task already done, see above b) tell you seven things about me that you might or might not already know (depends on who you are) and 3) pass the versatile blogger award on to other blogs. It was originally meant to be 15 other blogs but Sara honed it down to seven to match the seven shared tidbits and I am going to follow her lead and make it an odd honor of the number of peeps in our far flung family and  'cause it's cute when the Middlest calls a 5 euro note a 'fiver'.

Ok. Seven things.....
a) Middlest wants me to tell you that a sign in our kitchen says: 'I kiss better than I cook.'
b) I think Ralph Fiennes should have won the Oscar for best actor for Schindler's List instead of Tommy Lee Jones.
c) Indoor swimming pools freak me out, especially when full of a bunch of peeing kids.
d) I'd like to get the Littlest a green t-shirt that says, 'Made in Ireland'.
e) Mon Mari bought me a vacuum cleaner for our first Christmas together. I wasn't understanding or gracefully amused.
f) I feel like my French is at a stand still and it is frustrating beyond belief.
g) I love Mad Men and am such a dork that I go online to read analysis after each episode. My favorite is Nelle Engoron, she's super smart and insightful and makes tv feel kinda like you're sitting a class at university on popular culture. Only just now starting season four so no spoilers please.

Now to the passing of the versatile blogger award.

To Kirsty at You Had Me at Bonjour for being so kind and inspiringly crafty. I love having people in my life who can do things that I can't. I mean, come on people. Have you seen the things she can do with a rice paper lampshade?

Tammy at La Vie Cevenole for all her beautiful photographs and delicious recipes. She's also been known to say a nice thing or two which always makes one feel good.Who else can take beautiful photos from an airplane? Really.

An American Mom in Paris' MJ for her hilarious outlook on life. She makes me look at the world as one big blogortunity. (that's blog +opportunity)

And a shout out to my Irish homies over at The Evening Herault for shedding Irish light on life abroad in France as well as keeping up on things happening on the little green island.

And finally, Charley's brilliant blog 365 Things That I Love About France. First of all, she's cool...ghost story writer...second of all she's smart...I've already learned a thing or two from reading her blog and third, I love the concept. Very clever.


  1. If you've ever lived in Ireland, you have to call a five euro note a fiver. It's impossible not to!
    And I am guilty of the exact same Mad Men post analysis... can't wait for the next season!!
    And if you'd really like one of those t-shirts, I'll be back in Dublin for Xmas...
    xoxo from your blog BFF :-)

  2. Love right back to you, Aidan!! Thanks for all the warm and wonderful compliments. (BIG smile)

  3. SL, It's funny that my 6 year old says it...he was inches away from being irrevocably Irish. As to the shirt, I'd love it but I don't know if you'll be able to find it in pint size. And finally, what MM season are you on?
    feelin' the love, a x

    Charley, It was easily said, because it's true.

  4. Just how little is pint size?
    I've just finished the most recent Mad Men season, 4. Which one are you on? x


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