Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Msr Sarkozy Doesn't Really Care If You're On Strike...BUT I DO

I am a glass half full kind of girl. You know that. But today the Frenchies are making it very difficult for me to see anything but the smelly cheese. The stale end of the baguette. The corked wine.
If you don't want to see the dark side of yours truly please turn away now. If you continue reading you may be offended, shocked, annoyed. You've been warned.

OK then. Let's begin, shall we?

F*^# the bleeping strike already! The flippin' retirement age IS GOING TO CHANGE people! It isn't going to change by 10 years, 5 years, or 3 years but TWO F***Ing YEARS. I love the lifestyle here. I accept the closed for lunch thing. I smile through the Wednesday no school day.

But I am hot on the heels of a 10-day half-term break, a 4-day rained in weekend and the sweet promise of fun and happiness looms just within my grasp. Joyful adulthood. Dinners prepared in restaurants and no sticky fingers gumming up my clothes.
Selfish, selfish, bliss with my two besties from Texas is the promise. BUT. Even though the change in retirement age has been passed through the government, will be signed into law by Msr Sarkozy and all the refineries and every other industry has thrown in the towel, Air France has decided to stage a weekend of disruption because the reforms will make them have to pay taxes on their discount airfare. Air France's weekend of disruption just happens to be the very same as my weekend of jubilation, damn them.
And so it is threatened. Threatened but not yet ruined. As of yet, the ruination is unconfirmed. So I will try to keep my chin up. Keep looking on the bright side and start thinking of other possible ways to make it to Paris on Friday if it comes to that. Please, please it won't come to that. Please people, say a prayer, do a dance, light some incense.
I know it ain't the end of the world but I really need a super-duper Texas size dose of my besties.

Honorable mentions in the 'how Air France's last gasp of the strike of 2010 is screwing me over' are:
a) an acquaintance's husband works in Paris during the week and wasn't able to come home over this past weekend as well as others in the past months
b) parents of une canadienne are due to fly out of Paris tomorrow...good luck with that
c) my lovely amie irlandaise is here on business and is on the same flight as me Friday morning
d) add your own stories here because I know you  have them

And finally.
Mon Mari is not in France...he is scheduled to return to France to relieve me of mes trois enfants so I can go blindly and outrageously selfish into the weekend of bliss but I can't exactly do that if he isn't able to get back here because of the stupid, stupid strike now can I? Can I?
You tell me!!! CAN I?

I don't feel any better.


  1. Vent away!!!
    If I was in your shoes right now with a chance of my Texas friends visit being cancelled because of those overly entitled a**holes I'd be FREAKING the f*ck out too!
    My fingers are crossed for you Aidan, I truly hope that everything works out ok. If you ever need to vent about this French nonsense, I'm just an email or skype away x


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