Friday, November 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm back home. And it feels like home, with my four people around me, our own English speaking oasis in the middle of France. I missed them this time and was amazed to see how big they look and how many new words the Littlest learned in 6 days. 'Chicken Run' being two of them. Have you seen the movie?
Tour Eiffel before the rain
Is it possible that they really changed in that short time? Or am I just seeing them with fresh eyes as my mom says? Either way, I'm glad to be home with them and I think this is why it's so important to be away sometimes. Not only do I appreciate them more and see new things in them all, but the time they had alone with their Dad changes things too. It's always so Mommy-centered, at least in our family where I'm the stay-at-home parent, that it's nice for all of them to have time alone together. Without me.
women of a certain age
And it was good for me to laugh until my sides ached. To sleep in until 10am. To stay up until 2am and get a 'keep it down' call from the hotel desk because the laughter and screeches coming from our room woke our neighbor. Oops! Things are always super funny after a couple of bottles of wine.
We sloshed through the rain that would not stop, moaning and complaining in turns, umbrellas turned inside out, boots soaked through to socks and feet. We saw a lot of  the things you're supposed to see, check. But as usual my favorites were the food. And the laughter. And the new expressions and inside jokes that naturally come up when you're with two other people non-stop.
And now I'm back, sitting in my cozy, sunny living room alone with Mon Mari for a change because yesterday was Armistice Day (thank you) and a national holiday and since it was on a Thursday it only makes good sense that people would have Friday off too. It's classic French stylee and it even has a name...'faire le pont' or making the bridge. The bridge stretches from Thursday to Monday and makes a nice, long weekend.
Vin Chaud
Surprisingly, the kids have school today, as does the Baby, so it's just we two. It's 4 o'clock now. Too early for a glass of vin rouge? I think not.
Chin, chin.
More coming on Paris when I can get my brains around it. Most of it is about eggs and rain. Think on that.


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