Friday, November 26, 2010

Ewww, les Poux!

This afternoon when I collected the Littlest from the creche, this notice greeted  me:


Of course the Littlest is a butterfly so I paid attention. At first I thought it meant chicken pox....'poux' could be pox, right? And so I asked. 'What is les poux?' The answer still has my head twitching. Les poux is les lice. 'The lice attack the butterflies', so read the sign. 
Oh, dear. I rushed home and checked the soft blond hair of my own personal butterfly. He seems to be clean but I still can't stop itching. And examining his little head. I doused him with tea tree oil and gave him a good fine tooth comb-through. All's well here but oh, those other little butterflies! I think I'd prefer chicken pox.


  1. Aidan, it must be poux season because there were messages this week at both the maternelle and primaire my two eldest go to. I have also been nervously scanning their heads. And the phantom itches, I haz them. Chicken pox has already been through our schools - there were a few cases in October. It's enough to make you think about home schooling. Well, maybe not, who am I kidding!

  2. Even the thought of lice gives me the creeps. I sure hope your family doesn't get infested.

    BTW: Les poux attaquent les papillons.

  3. Oh my God, we got infested a few years ago when my youngest was in kindergarten, such an awful experience.
    I learned that rinsing hair with vinegar helps getting rid of lice eggs because it disolves their waxy exterior.
    Good luck!

  4. Kirsty, no way on the home schooling...i'm not cut out for it. had a taste when we moved here in late feb and kids didn't start school til may..not a good time, i'm just sayin'. no poux yet but now i'm on the lookout!

    Dedene, I know, it's strange how it makes you start itching at the mere mention. thanks for the btw...i'm so bad at details.

    aracne, waxy exterior?! super ewwwww! i use tea tree oil as a deterrent and so far so good.

    bon weekend everyone,
    a x

  5. Too bad it wasn't the chicken box - we'd come to get it..

  6. Yuck! My fingers are crossed for you! x


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