Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Things or What Happens While You're Waiting for Something to Happen

I've been waiting all day for something exciting to happen. Something I can tell you about and make you think, "awwww that's nice". Or, "that's pretty funny". I'd even settle for, "man, it must suck to have to speak French all the time".

Here's what I've come up with. I hope you like it.

You know how Mon Mari was gone for two weeks on business. Well he was. He was traveling around Europe talking to people in the press (who, I don't know) about his very exciting computer products. I know more than I let on but let's just say it's not the most mind-blowingly engaging and titillating subject, ok? He's good at it and I love him so I'm happy that he's happy. He's been videoed before and that's been on youtube which is nice and so I always ask him if his brilliant statements on computer storage solutions will appear anywhere exciting. This time he was talking to French and German press. In English. And he's been quoted. In French and German. I was very impressed because I didn't realize he could speak either language. And if he's been hiding his special talents for French while I struggle to get by, am summoned to answer the door or telephone or order McDo at the drive-thru window then boy, he's in a heap o' trouble!
Of course I'm just being silly. His intelligent and well-thought out quotes were translated. But the really funny part is he says that wasn't quite what he'd said. What a joker.

On to my next offering.
Earlier as I was doing a multitude of chores and the Littlest played with his cars I noticed the disconcerting sound of silence. You all know that with small children this can be a not so good thing, a bad thing, or a really bad thing. This time it was just a kinda cute and funny thing. Here's what I found......

And finally. Today the big kids came home for lunch. I made them rice pudding for dessert and Ma Fille, who is very good at food compliments, said that not only was it delicious and I could be super-rich like with the salmon tart, but this particular rice pudding was so good that I could have my very own cooking show and make just rice pudding for my audience. To which the Middlest asked, 'Will there be cameras in the kitchen or will you go somewhere else to do it?" I guess he doesn't like the cameras in the kitchen invasion of privacy that will ensue when a cooking show is filmed to celebrate my delicious rice pudding.


  1. Your kids are adorable! And that photo should be an ad campaign for Cheerios. Look at his wee bottom!! :-)

  2. SL,
    Initially he had each arm in a box with his back to me but when I ran for the camera he noticed.


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