Monday, October 25, 2010

Hardware Man of My Dreams

We live tres close to the parking lot where the Sunday market is held. Today is not Sunday but there is a big truck trailer parked there. Sometimes there's a big butcher truck there on off days and all the old ladies on my street walk over for their roasts. My interest was piqued. What could be inside that thing? It was during lunch so it was all closed up, just sitting there, provoking my nosiness.
Later today, after the lunch two hours, I went by again. (not on purpose or anything...only to go to the boulangerie for tonight's baguette.)

This time its back and side doors were open and there were clothes drying racks, moving dollys and other hardware displayed around it. I didn't see the travelling proprietor but I immediately thought of the blouse man, aka Viggo Mortensen, from A Walk on the Moon. I thought about going back over there and seeing for myself. For you. 

But  I didn't want to ruin the fantasy I'd begun to create. The blouse man is now the hardware man and vice versa. He travels from village to village, country to country; wild and free as the wind, selling lonely housewives clothes pegs, drying racks, toilet cleaner. Gasp.Would he tell me I needed a particular grater because the blue handle brought out the blue in my eyes? Then I could daydream about the hardware man/Viggo as I grated cheese for so many croque monsieurs, onion soups and quesadillas.

I would not go. I would not let my head be turned by that useful looking drying rack. I would not succumb to the hardware man's persuasion. I would never visit the truck trailer of temptation. He can keep his fancy kitchen appliances and lie in wait for another, more susceptible housewife.

I'm sure that, like Viggo, hardware man would need dentistry. And I've always preferred Liev Schreiber. Plus Mon Mari would happily spoil me silly with efficient household items if I asked. Oh, honey? I feel the need for a cheese grater......

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