Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Starting Again

Well, hello there. It's me.
And I'm slowly making my way back into my blog habit.

Mom once told me that anything you do for 13 days straight becomes a  habit. Unfortunately, that explains the evening cocktail.

Which makes me wonder if the same is true in reverse.
If you don't do something, say write blog posts, go jogging, wake up early, you lose the itch for it.
And it becomes difficult to start again. Must. Start. Again.

So start again is just what I've done today.

I woke up early. Check.
I went for a jog. Check. (nevermind that it was coming a Texas-sized thunderstorm and I was quickly drenched)
I am sitting here typing out the words for this post. Check.

While around the house things are half back to post-vacances normal; P-Daddy has gone back to the office, that's a start.

The boys are watching Shrek (recently discovered by the Littlest) and Ma Fille has a friend over and they're tucked away in her bedroom, speaking French at rapid speed and painting fingernails.
School doesn't start until next week so this is the last gasp of what all of a sudden feels like a really, long summer.
It's sure nice to have your fill of something though, isn't it? 

Do any of you find it hard to start again?
The habit in reverse that whispers in your ear, 'hey, where have you been?'


  1. Oh yes I do, especially that my third child very sick with fever and a soar throat, decided that he needed mummy to recover and came living with me. Which is nice in many ways, but I am exhausted with all this going back and forth, washing, keeping company, pressing lemons, peeling fruit, changing sheets in a wet bed...you know how it is.
    This proved to me that I am no longer prepared for any kind of life in common...talk about losing the habit!

  2. Oh yep. Yoga. When I stop for more than a day or two, it quickly becomes a week or more!

    Happy that you are revving up again. I would love to hear more about your birthday...
    Gros, gros bisous,

  3. See, all back to normal!
    However, I for one hope we can squeeze in at least one more round of summer cocktails on the terrace x

  4. I am glad I am not the only one who needs to "get back" to a few [once regular] activities this fall :-) For me, it would be daily Pilates sessions - I try to do them here, in my home office, where I have invested in a nifty piece of equipment - and cooking healthy meals for the family in the evening. I have been such a slacker this summer! Welcome back to the fall routine to all of us, I guess! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. Welcome back!

    I'm still being very slow on the uptake to blog...pretty lazy I'm thinking, but we still have beautiful weather and I don't have kids to get back to school...so I'm just going to keep enjoying my lazy, hazy summer attitude for awhile longer, yes, I am! (please get me another glass of wine)

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  7. Glad you are back! Looking forward to more posts.

  8. Happy to see a new post from you. I hope you had a wonderful vacance. Even though you are post-vacance, I hope the good weather continues in the South of France. Have a great week. Good luck with getting restarted.


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