Friday, August 10, 2012

Les Estivales---Montpellier's Summer Party

{P-Daddy's taste of red}
Every Friday night during the summer, the leafy plane-treed Esplanade Charles de Gaulle of Montpellier turns into one big summer party--Les Estivales. One-hundred and eighty vignerons from all over the region come with their shades of red, pink and white, proudly pouring out 10cl portions and happy to talk about their passion. For five euro, you get a glass and three tickets; one for each pour. Or you can buy bottles and even cases your favorites to take home and enjoy.

There's live music, food vendors and market stalls with jewelry, hats, paper-cut star lanterns, scarves and dresses. The children run and play along the grassy area behind rows of picnic tables set up across from the Musée Fabre.

{the juice lady, just look at her smile}

It is a wonderful night out, to people watch and enjoy the coolness of the summer evening beneath the shade of the plane trees. This year they even have a 'Tex-Mex' food stand that calls grilled red peppers salsa and chicken brochettes fajitas. Oh, how I wish I could have a stall and show them the real thing.

{i had to snap this one of these French dads}

If you are going with children, get there a bit earlier than the 6:30 start so you can snag a table along the champs, by 7:00 those seats are prime real estate, and then enjoy an al fresco dinner before getting an ice cream and playing in the Dr Suess playground that no child can resist.

{slushies and ice cream by the fountain}

The younger crowd (just listen to me, how old am I???) arrive later and the festival takes on a different vibe. If you're young and free, take your time getting there and pique-nique on the grass, enjoying the music and happy, loose feel of summer's best festival, Les Estivales.

{people watching under the plane trees}

Sara and G-Ton are coming this weekend and we're going to sneak away while the boys watch the kids tonight.

Off to Les Estivales, we go, but we won't likely be at the playground.
Do you think we'll have any fun at all?

Bon weekend!


  1. What a great event - fun for all ages. Al fresco dining, a glass and three tickets for a bargain 5 euros. I wish that was going to be my Friday
    evening. Bon weekend!

  2. You're going to have a ball! Have a drink for me.

  3. Have fun! We're getting the "much needed" rain here this weekend, so no dining al fresco for me but I can do the wine on the summer porch.

  4. I think you should do the Tex Mex booth next year!

  5. We'll look out for you. Although we will be at the Playground!

  6. Sounds like so much fun and a great opportunity to try wines from the region. I would love to be there. Unfortunately, we don't usually come to Provence during August to avoid the crowds and if we did we probably wouldn't come to Montpellier because the cousins are in the Tarn for most of the month. I hope you all have a great time at Les Estivales. Bon weekend.

  7. You and Sara Louise? Nah, you won't have ANY two will have TOO much fun..and I can't wait to read about it on one of your blogs!

    Great deal, 5 euros and three glasses of wine. Wow. Not too shabby. Geez, I need to get out of pricey Paris!

    Bon week-end to you too!

  8. Sounds wonderful... and loving those French dads!

    1. aren't they great? the one with the stripey shirt and glasses takes the prize. thanks for commenting and for having my blog in your blogroll. i love your bilingual babes. they are adorable!
      aidan xo


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