Monday, August 13, 2012

August in the South of France

As you know, Sara, G-Ton and Fifty spent the weekend here Chez Larson. You can read about how it was Sara's perfect Saturday and get a pretty good idea of the happy vibe we enjoyed.

There's not much to add except to share a few photos as well as a memorable quote or two.

Sara: 'I'm the project manager.'
G-Ton: 'I am zee project.'

 P-Daddy: 'You have to climb the hill to free-wheel.' (said in Texas drawl à la Wooderson)

Fifty: 'I am zee locksmith of love, non?'

Littlest: 'C'est toi qui le petit rigolo Gwegoweee!'

Want to help me with the captions?

I love the one of the Littlest floating away backwards from G-Ton.
Any ideas what he was thinking?

And what could be going through Clementine and Fifty's little doggie heads here?


  1. I think Fifty was trying to figure out how to get out of the pool and Miss Clem was probably beginning to form her escape plan... now that she knew Fifty could swim, they would leap from the terrace, safely into the swimming pool, and then run on down to ol' Mexico (err... I mean Spain) x

  2. I think the dog photo caption should be something like - "Come with me - let's ditch these humans..." Looks like you had some great fun!

  3. Awesome summer fun - I bet everyone slept like the dead that night. Especially Gwegowee. x x

  4. Could anyone possibly look any happier? :) Glad all had such a fabulous weekend Aidan--well deserved!!

  5. Ha! I have a project of my own at home! Total DIY ;)

  6. Great pics...such fun!
    This is how I've spent 60 years of my life only in a couldn't get any better. We're on the fourth generation of water fun. Keep making memories!

  7. Fabulous, you can't beat sunshine and water! Perfect summer days...


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