Saturday, January 28, 2012

When the Littlest Got a Haircut

The Littlest's hair is of the wispy, fine, straight variety. He used to look like this:
hi, sweet baby hair
I decided that I needed some professional help. I took him to the salon thinking I'd get it shaped up; wispy ends and long bangs hiding his beautiful blues, trimmed.

The hairstylist was a youngish woman, by youngish I mean less than 40, so younger than me.
I am not really a good judge of age though because I don't see myself in the true version of reality.
So.Youngish. Mid-30s.With the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen. It was thick, but not too thick. Long past her shoulders and straight, straight.

But not the way my, damn you genetics!!, hair looked the few times I've straightened it.
(Think wig or Nancy Grace.)

Hers looked healthy, like a 1000+ thread count Egyptian sheet of hair.

'Egyptian sheet has the perfect job for that hair', I thought. 'She must really know her stuff and I will entrust my Littlest's downy head of farine locks to her'.
I put him into the big chair, coaxed him to hold his head still and hoped for the best.

Egyptian sheet hair was brutal. I guess when your own hair is so perfect you have little patience for the likes of chick fur.

She, with scissors in one hand, comb in another, began to tut, harumph, and pfft. I could feel the 'incroyable!' as she combed through his mini-dreadlocks.
She pointed out one, two, three, four callicks, disgusted. The final number was to high to share. Apparently his entire head of hair is one big swirling, tornado.

As the number grew, so did her shoulder shrugging and pfffting.
It was like I was asking Padma to eat at McDo or Carla to date a plumber. Egyptian sheet hair had clearly never seen anything like the Littlest's locks.

'There is nothing I can do!', she decreed. 'Rien!'

Bye-bye went the scissors; out came the shears.

Little by little the baby chick hair flew away. It covered the floor, my coat, her perfect black sweater and fashionable high-heeled boots. With each sweep of the shears she pointed out another callick, as if insulted. 'La! la! LA!', harumph. Really. How could I expect her to work like this?

My Baby turned into a little boy before my eyes. A shorn, white fluff, swirl of hair was all that was left on his sweet, but very big, very square head.
'Il est un vrai garcon. It's better.', Egyptian sheet hair declared.

And now he looks like this:

you can see the 'cowlicks' from here!


  1. I think he looks adorable (and still sweet baby-like too.) I love the pale, plae blonde!

    We are lucky to have found a 'gentile' and kind hair stylist for 'les garcons'--my boys have been blessed with the ultra thick and course hair genes from me....and they need trims about every 3-4 weeks it seems!

    I am smiling as I read your post because I am happy that finally having a girl I won't be rushing to the salon when it gets all stringy down the back of her neck. At one, her hair is fair and fine too--and the recommendation of my French sister-in-law is to completely SHAVE her head now--to assure that it will come back in thicker!! Uhm....non, merci!

    Bon weekend!

  2. Cat,
    Thank you. I think he looks angelic both ways too but I do miss the baby fur.
    I cannot imagine shaving my baby girl's head!!! What!? Imagine how traumatized you would be, seriously!
    But the shaving and growing in thick, luxurious hair idea is intriguing. We'll test it out with the Littlest.

    Aidan xo

  3. As I have short, challenging-to-cut hair myself, I learned a long time ago that if I saw a stylist whose hair I loved I didn't go to her--instead I asked who cut hers and go to that person instead!!!

  4. He's a cute as a button, either way.

  5. You know I love it short! He's all rats and snails and puppy dog tails now! He looks like he can get all scrappy with the best of them, un vrai garcon indeed :-)

  6. Egyptian Sheet Hair sounds like she would be disappointed with anyone who has less than 1000+ thread count of hair! But thankfully she did a fantastic job, cowlicks and all.

  7. How funny, my dear Aidan.
    Your young man looks very attractive: ohlala, how many little French hearts he is going to break!

  8. Sweet Virginia,
    That's a great idea. I too have always battled with haircuts. My poor least he's a boy.

    Thank you. I certainly think so...and I can see his baby blues better now.

    I know you do. He's a boy's boy for sure isn't he?

    you're probably right. she seemed none too impressed with my fuzzy ponytail. he's one big cowlick and i love him!

    thank you so much. He is well on his way I think.

    you're all too sweet,
    aidan x

  9. Think the hairdresser deserves a slap in the face! Best leave it casual next time....

  10. Omg! So cute!!! with his sweet little hair! What great imagery you painted too -- I can totally picture her mounting frustrating, her 'French' mannerisms and her complete irritation with all of these cowlicks!!

    It will be fun to watch it grow out though!


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