Monday, January 30, 2012

Bacon, Leek & Cheddar Quiche

Last Wednesday, with the kids and P-Daddy home for lunch, I decided to whip up a quick quiche.
I like to use Irish restaurant and gift shop, Avoca Handweavers, cafe's cookbook recipe for the custard.

If you're ever in Ireland and want a delicious, reasonably priced (this is harder to find than you'd imagine) lunch then head straight to the nearest Avoca.

They've a basic recipe for quiche custard that I always use and that always works.
All you have to do is make or buy the crust of your choice and decide what you want inside.

big kids in trees at avoca restaurant, ireland
I love the flexibility of quiche as well as how fast and easy it is to prepare a perfect family lunch.
Just add a green salad and everyone's happy. And satisfied.

Bacon, Leek & Cheddar Quiche

1 tblsp salted butter
2 leeks,white and light green parts only, well-cleaned and sliced
7 pieces of smoked bacon, sliced into matchstick pieces or a packet of lardons
1/2 cup, grated cheddar cheese or more if you prefer it cheesier
1 puff pastry, prepared and at room temperature

Custard #1, from Avoca
350 ml  or 1.5 cups cream
3 free range eggs, plus 2 extra yolks

Place the prepared pastry into your quiche or pie pan, put it on a baking sheet and set aside.

Cut your leeks in half, opening them up like a book and run water down the center.
Slice them into thin crescents, removing the tough outer skin.
Soften them gently over a medium heat in a tablespoon of salted butter. Don't let them brown.

Cut your slices of bacon into matchsticks and brown them over a low to medium heat. Drain them on paper towels and then mix into the leeks.

Meanwhile, make your custard.
Whisk the cream, I use full-fat or heavy cream because it just tastes so darn much better, and eggs until well blended. Add in the cheese, leeks and bacon. Fold gently until combined.

Pour this yumminess into your prepared pastry dish and bake for 40 minutes. It may be a bit wobbly in the center but don't worry. That's just the goodness of a homemade custard quiche.

mother's day 2009 at avoca handweavers, ireland
Enjoy with your family.
I love to serve a big, green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.


  1. OMG- I think I'm going to get fat. I might as well stick two pieces of that quiche right on my butt to begin with cuz that's where it will end up anyway!

  2. Bonjour Aidan. Well, you have turned into a French mom, for sure, if quiche is regularly featured in your repertoire of family meals ;-) My mom's specialty is Quiche Lorraine. Don't you just love the quality (and price) of prepared puff pastry you can find at the local supermarket in France? I must say I have not found something quite as good here. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Mmm, I love leek and bacon mixtures. Love quiche too. Unfortunately my boys hate cheese which is a major blow to making a quiche.

  4. MMMMM! I'd forgotten how much I love quiche - usually made with whatever is lurking in the bottom of the fridge! I've made a good courgette and feta one before now though. But I think leek and bacon has to be a favourite.

  5. Ashley,
    The cream makes all the difference though. Delish! and worth it!

    That's a high compliment I can tell you. You're right about the prepared pastry selection. It's blog worthy...thanks for the idea!

    You don't have to put cheese in it at all! But, seriously? How could they be half French, live in France and not like cheese?! This is beyond odd.

    Fat Dormouse,
    Quiche is a great way to get my kids to eat veggies like courgette or zucchini as we Americans call it. The possibilities really are endless if you get the basic custard down. This one is so easy, quick, perfect and deicious. I hope you try it.

    Three fat French kisses to ya'll!


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