Monday, January 9, 2012

Faire L'Amour

Here's a quickie. Or maybe that's not the best choice of words, considering.

Today at school there were happy new year greetings a plenty. Everyone was throwing bonne santes around as freely as the requisite three kisses. And so was I.

As I kissed and wished to a friend (she of lait de poule fame) she wished me 'bonne annee, bonne sante, bonne amour!'.
To which I exuberantly replied, 'To you too! C'est necessaire a faire l'amour!'.

Now what I meant to say was 'it's necessary to work at love' but what I said was 'it's necessary to make love'.
As in: 'sexy'. Or so Ma Fille told me as she blushed and sputtered.

And so. A new one to add to my little journal of faux pas.

You gotta make love, people. Just do it.


  1. Oh your poor daughter! How funny :)

  2. haha, love it! just to give you a heads-up, although it would be funnier to watch you find this out the hard way, there is a similar difference between "faire plaisir à quelqu'un" (to please someone) and "donner du plaisir à quelqu'un" (to pleasure someone). oh the fun abounds out here, eh?! :-))

  3. There is so much I could say about this I'm not even going to attempt to start here x

  4. Make love not war, baby. You tell 'em.
    Hubby replied 'Mon plaisir' to our babysitter the other day when she said thank you - I have a feeling from the funny look she gave him that 'Mon plaisir' is not interchangeable with 'de rien' as it is in english! That ought to keep her coming back!

  5. Yes! That is awesome! I refuse to tell people I'm excited about something in fear of forgetting the "trop" before the "excite"...or is there no "trop" first? I can't remember so I just don't say it!

  6. Free!,
    It wasn't the first time and I'm certain it won't be the last.

    Thanks for the tip...but I make an effort never to say words like 'plaisir, excite, envie'. I must have been feeling verbose yesterday. This is a lesson!

    Thank goodness.

    See! It happens so easily. And usually when you're trying to be super nice....but not too nice.

    thanks for commenting. I have made the 'I'm excited' mistake too many times. What must they think of me?!

    All the best in your 'lovemaking',


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