Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Trot-toir

This year, thanks to a Texas friend, I decided we should add 'turkey trot' to our list of family Thanksgiving traditions.  

Mon Mari and I already watch our special Thanksgiving movie early in the morning before the kids wake up so why not add a light family jog to the proceedings? And since Sara and G-Ton (my new name for The Husband going forward) were going to be here it could be a bigger, more jovial inaugural trot.
I told Sara to bring jogging clothes and to be ready to hit the street early. She wasn't overly excited but in the spirit of traditions, she indulged me. Thanks Sara.

G-Ton and my two boys all wore their UT sweatshirts in readiness for the big game we'd recorded for later in the morning. Tradition #3, check. And they looked so cute all lined up and matching.  

See? Cute.
Mon Mari was in charge of Clementine.
Ma Fille was the last to emerge, being held up by some fashion concerns. Apparently it is important to look nice when jogging through deserted French streets at 8am.

We set off from the house with a burst. Tres dynamique for so early in the morning.

Mon Mari & Clementine
The Littlest ran the whole thing, chubby arms pumping and cheeks flushed. He kept saying, 'I'm runnin'!, I'm runnin'!' as he went. The Middlest showed off by turning on his 'booster pack' and flying way ahead of us all.  
'I'm runnin'!'
The Middlest, he's so fast he's a blur

G-Ton took photos as Clementine ran alongside Mon Mari and Sara, Ma Fille and I bounced along at a reasonable pace. At one point I was jogging backwards, having a look at the Littlest and cheering him on when I nearly fell over Clementine's lead. G-Ton managed to snap a photo just as I started the arm flailing free-fall from which I thankfully recovered. Thanks to no one.
Do you think he did that on purpose?

We came home and had pigs in a blanket and mimosas before heading back into the kitchen to do the final bits. We had fun explaining why we call them piggies to G-Ton. 'It's a little pork sausage so it's a piggie and see, how it's nestled all cozy in the pastry? That's its blanket. Now eat it.'

The rest of the day was spent cooking and eating. Watching football and Christmas movies, tradition #4. Laughing and talking and enjoying delicious wine. Dare I say it?, Tradition #5.
Thanskgiving Dinner, Tradition #1


  1. It's cool to start traditions, and the fun run certainly looks a keeper even if it is at 8am!

  2. The beauty of Tradition 5... we can celebrate it everyday!
    That picture of Littlest is priceless... look at him go!! He definitely earned his piggies! x

  3. What a nicely set table, turkey and all!

  4. I love the tradition and love the photo of the littlest. Makes me all cozy just looking at your Thanksgiving photos, Aidan. xo

  5. Delana, maybe we can celebrate together next year.

    Sarah, can you imagine my neighbors peeking out their windows!

    Thank you. It turned out really well.

    We are good at #5.


  6. Pigs in a blanket are a personal favorite! How did you make them? Did they have cheese inside? Yum! Sounds like you had such a nice Thanksgiving :-)

  7. Linds,
    I meant to link up my pigs in a blanket post here but forgot. Here's how I make them and you can too!


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