Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Triple Delight

One of our favorite things happened this morning.
If you live abroad it's probably one of your favorite things too.
We got packages from home! Three packages to be exact. All stuffed full of beautifully wrapped Christmas presents and American junk food direct from the Grandparents in Texas.
My Beau-Parents send each child their very own BIG box.You can imagine how much they love this. They send a pack each of favorite 'sometimes' food that we can't find here in France. But even if we could it wouldn't be the same as coming all the way from Texas in a box marked specially for you.

Each child got the following: a jumbo pack of Fruit Roll-ups, a packet of Goldfish crackers, movie size packs of Reese's Pieces, M&Ms and Milk Duds, Cheetos and a box of Froot Loops, Cap'N Crunch and Lucky Charms to share.

The Littlest kept gasping and saying, 'oh. my. goodness.' and 'this is really my favorite.' When he put his presents under the tree he said, 'this is from Grams & Gramps, this is from Grams &Gramps..' on each trip.
there's a little boy behind those Milk Duds

The Middlest took the opening of his package very seriously. He had to get his gloves out and carefully maul the box with a pair of scissors. This took awhile. And therefore he was the last to finish opening and gasping. Which is his way. He's great on Christmas morning and birthdays because he takes it all very seriously, opening carefully and paying attention to each new item.
note the gloves
Ma Fille was equally thrilled but made quick work of getting into her package with the big red kitchen scissors and then started marking names on everything so no one would confuse any of her loot with theirs. She's a bit bummed that she can't eat the Milk Duds because of her new braces but she's put them into her 'eat in a year' box.
oh. my. goodness.

Plus, I got a little something to spice things up--two Wal-Mart sized chile powders with a red bow.
We're having chili this weekend.
these are mine, all mine
Merci so much. We wish you were here to celebrate but you are always here in spirit.


  1. So cute Aidan, and so funny. Our family does this too, but "reversed" bien sûr. When my son receives a package from his French grandparents, there will be: a brand-new pair of PJs from a favorite shop (Du Pareil au Même,) some comic books (usually Lucky Luke or Tintin,) and candy-wise,
    Malabars (the best chewing gum EVER,) Carambars (ok, I eat most of those while my teeth and fillings are still strong enough,) and these pretty French lollipops by Pierrot Gourmand. ;-) Happy Holidays to you all ! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Veronique,
    I love Du Pareil au Meme and Malabars. Ma Fille def can't eat Carambars with the new braces but I will search out the Pierrot Gourmand lollipops. Are they the swirled colored ones you get at the sweet shop in Carcassone?
    Merci et joyeuses fêtes,
    Aidan x

  3. "Oh my goodness!" We know who he got that from.
    Tell the kids that if someone saves some Cap'N Crunch for me, I'll be their best friend! x

  4. Awww, she's so excited about the milk duds! What else is in her "eat in a year" box ? =)

  5. Yay, presents!! I think you guys have much cheaper postage from the US than from Oz - my folks found and have saved postage that way. Have fun with it all and enjoy that chilli, yum.

  6. Sara, I'll make you some chili when I use the tomatillos it can be a texMex fest.

    Chickster, I know! These realizations are what led to the 'I'm so over braces.' comment. In the box: gum, carambsr, and hypothetically, baguettes.

    Kirsty, I'm sure it is! I kno it's not chep but it has to be less than from down there.

    Aidan x

  7. A delightful post, I can feel your children's joy through your words.


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