Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Voulez-Vous Diner--A Fantastic, French Idea

I am inspired by all of the brilliant ideas that are out there. I came across Voulez-Vous Dîner on Twitter and thought it was the most clever and creative thing I'd heard of in a long time. You've probably heard or read about the 'secret' dinners in Paris. How you can sign up to share a meal in someone's home, meeting other tourists and having an authentic meal and experience. I've always thought these dinners were so cool.

These guys take that fun idea to another level. You sign up to have a typical French dinner at a host family's home, mostly in Paris but there are a sprinkling of hosts in places like Lyon, pay a set fee to the company and get to meet a French family, share their favorite meals and hopefully make new friends. It's basically what we do when we go to Les Bons Amies for lunch; eating, laughing, and turning to the dictionary when we get stuck on a word.

Voulez-Vous Dîner has a  listing of verified hosts by age, location, and interests and you choose the one that most appeals to you. Seriously, genius.

Their mission in a nutshell, from their website: 'To share French heritage, a friendly welcome, a multicultural exchange, the value of an encounter, authenticity, international exchange, quality service, to develop friendships around the world, to be an active part of tourism.'

If I were traveling to Paris from abroad, this would be one of my must-dos.
When else would you get the opportunity to dine in a French family home, share culture and stories, and make your trip to France more authentic rather than merely skimming the surface.

It's just so cool. I love it! Have a look and see if you agree.

If you've ever done it or know someone who has you can share your story by commenting or tweeting.


  1. This is awesome - and I think will help make Paris' image more friendly. It would be a great intro to French food and life, and you can pick your hosts' brains for things to do while you're in the city. I wonder if they will spread the program out to other cities?

  2. oh cool! I wish that had been around when I studied abroad in Paris years ago.

    1. I know! it's way cool. I hope it does well. I love when people make great ideas happen.
      aidan xo

  3. Cool idea; gonna check it out now!
    Hope you're keeping cool in this hot weather! Bisous

  4. What a wonderful concept! I would definitely be using much sign language! I was invited to a dinner party in Nogent sur Marne a few years ago, and by the time I caught the LAST RER back to Paris at 1am, my head was spinning with French conversations and topics. About the time I became engaged in a topic and was feeling comfortable, the topic would change and my brain would throw in the clutch, switch gears, and try to hang on! It was fabulous, and I kept pinching myself to see if I was in a dream. (I did get back to my hotel before getting thrown out of the Métro as it closed)


  5. Very cool! If you would, head on over to my blog tomorrow...I may or may not have mentioned you... ;)


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